Your stars for 2014

Jonathan Cainer gives his predictions for 2014.

Jonathan Cainer gives his predictions for 2014.
Source: HeraldSun

NEWS Limited astrologist Jonathan Cainer takes an in-depth look at your year ahead.

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

You’ll remember 2014 as the year you began to feel less uncomfortable about how key relationships were panning out. By relationships, I mean, important interactions, not just romantic or business partnerships.

If we know someone well enough to be annoyed by them, we’ve got a relationship, of a kind, with them!

And if we are willing, we can turn that annoyance into mutual respect. Achieving such psychological alchemy involves going beyond the urge to avoid, and transcending, too, the impulse to confront.

It involves accepting other people are quixotic and challenging. Yet so are you! Stressful circumstances have arisen, some of which you are still reeling from.

But in dealing with these too, 2014’s loveliest lesson will be the realisation that though perfection is never fully attainable, learning to coexist gracefully with imperfection can feel nearly perfect.

Not everything is going to pan out beautifully but nor is it going to be a bad year. Regardless of your challenges, key improvements, brought about largely through your own efforts, will lift your spirits.

And because you feel more relaxed, the choices you make will be based not on adverse reactions, but on on opportunities, not adverse reactions. And 2014 has plenty of those in store.

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TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 21)

Your journey through 2014 obliges you to think long and hard about where you are really going. Currently, you’ve got a sense of uncertainty bordering on bewilderment. Often, when we feel a strong need for reassurance, we supply it to ourselves, even if we are not actually qualified to issue such comfort.

We have to keep believing it’s all OK or it’s only going to start feeling worse. Yet it is only through believing things are going to be OK we find the psychological wherewithal to seize the opportunities to make them OK.

Coming up for you this year are a series of changes; they are very positive and productive, even if they don’t feel that way at first. It isn’t pleasant, for example, to realise you are lost on a road.

But it is only when we stop pretending we know the way that we can stop and ask for help. Though that costs pride, the reward is priceless. Reliable direction!

Events in the earlier part of this year have you stopping to reconsider something that, up until now, has been part of an automatic process.The upshot of that will be a big turnaround in your fortunes.

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GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22)

This is a special year. You should feel excited. A lot can soon become very different. Those changes start with a re-evaluation of where you belong and where you could make a positive contribution.

You can’t keep maintaining an act, a role or a facade because something inside you feel obliged. You have alternatives. You’ve got to identify them and take advantage of them – 2014 will show you those opportunities.

It is as if, for much of the recent past, you have been wandering along a corridor lined with doors. Each time you try to open one, you find that behind it, there is nothing but a brick wall.

You’ve almost lost interest in trying any more handles.

Yet if you start to look behind the doors of 2014, you’ll see they are portals to wonderful new realms. This is not a promise the whole year will be a rip-roaring success.

But the downs, as well as and the ups will all play their part in promoting a positive process. This year it becomes clear not only what you do want, but what you don’t want. Through understanding this you can extricate yourself from what’s redundant and commit to what matters.

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Gemini Angelina Jolie has a

Gemini Angelina Jolie has a “special” year ahead.
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CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 23)

So is it going to be a good year? Or a bad year? How do we even judge a year? Often, it’s difficult enough to say whether a day is good or bad. Many things can happen during the course of a bad day to turn that day around.

And not all days that begin well end well. And often it is our moods, expectations and attitudes that make the difference.

Really, every moment is precious, regardless of what’s happening within it. But 2014 has the potential to be a truly excellent, splendid, year. The continuedpresence of Jupiter in your sign points to you liberating yourself from restrictions that have held you back for too long.

Finally, you’re free to express yourself without that continual feeling in the back of your mind that perhaps you shouldn’t.

You can forget the compromises you keep having to make and the promises you ought to be keeping if any of these are preventing you from properlyenjoying life.

The clear implication from a kindly cosmos is this is a time when magic can and will start to happen. All year, no matter what ups and downs you go through, the general trend will be encouraging.

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LEO (Jul 24 – Aug 23)

The year is going to get ever better. But, it starts at a bit of a low ebb – and sometimes, when you feel as if you are quite a long way down, a small amount of upward motion doesn’t seem enough.

It can be hard to see how much better things are getting until they suddenly get a whole lot better. But over the year, gradually, you’ll stop looking at what’s wrong with some aspects of your world and how daft various arrangements have become.

You will begin instead to say, “Hey, this has the potential to be so right.” And from the recognition of that potential then comes the fulfilment. So, the further we go into 2014, the happier we see you becoming.

Does “happier” directly equate to more materially prosperous? More emotionally secure? Well, there’s no law that says these things are welded together any more than they must be mutually exclusive. You can generally expect progress in every area, alongside a sense of great healing, recovery and improvement.
You can also expect support, recognition and respect. But, most of all, 2014 can bring the optimism to strengthen your appreciation for your own relationship with the cosmos. And from that, all else you need can come!

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VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

Is it going to be a good year? Well, of course. I don’t predict bad years for anyone, ever, because they don’t exist. We don’t have bad years. We have challenging years. Years during which the opportunities are harder to recognise.

That’s all.For you 2014 is about re-evaluating connections to variouspeople with whom you have strong bonds, but with whom those links are not always satisfactory. Somehow, this year, you’ve got to make sure communication leads to collaboration and co-operation, not conflict.

Where there has been a sense of loss, now there can be a discovery. And one thing you’ll discover is the true answer to the question, “What am I worth?” 2014 won’t let you doubt yourself for long.

The universe will boost your self-esteem by engineering coincidences that make you feel you are sailing on a smooth sea of serendipity or by helping you address damage done by stressful situations in times gone by.

The healing process you go through will allow you to help and heal others. One of the most joyous developments will involve seeing proof the world isn’t your enemy but is your friend.

And it’s got a lot to share with you.

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Virgo Beyonce can look forward to a

Virgo Beyonce can look forward to a “healing” year.
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LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23)

In 2014, you rise to a position of power. If you are currentlyin a relatively influential position, you can expect to find thateven more people have respect for what you’ve got to say now.

Now, obviously, there can’t ever be enough respect but there can be more than you are currently getting. And you deserve that. Soon you will be dealing with situations that make you feel as thoughyou have a real constructive part to play in other people’s lives.

Therefore, your sense of creative engagement and your sense of being needed and useful will increase. You are heading towards a vastly improved outlook, towards a much more enjoyable, comforting set of scenarios in your emotional and material world.

A lot of your fears and some of your greatest anxieties have been based on somewhat irrelevant insecurities. This year, you mature to the point where you can cope with many of your challenges in a much more constructive way.

It is as if you are growing into yourself, being more of the person you were always meant to be. A great many delightful developments ensue as a result of the journey to success that you take through life this year.

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SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 22)

For quite some while, you’ve been going on a journey of challenge and discovery. It is not quite over. But having Saturn pass through your sign is not a kind ofpunishment.

It can make life seem difficult at times, but in no way does itit doesn’t prevent you from experiencing happiness. It simply presents lessons you need to learn and profit from. Nor is Saturn’s passage through Scorpio the only astrological factor you are dealing with.

In 2012, a series of rare right angles between Pluto and Uranus began. They continue ’til 2015. Each, for you, is a wake-up call.

Wherever pretences are being acted out or seemingly inescapable obligations are holding you back, you have to say, “Surely it’s time I broke free from this?”

Yet sometimes when we feel we daren’t instigate a much-neededchange, we let frustration or resentment drive an unconscious agenda to make things worse until we can eventually justify a dramatic, irrevocable gesture.

But in 2014, you will leave behind nothing you need to stay with and will lose nothing you need to keep. And you’ll yet gain plenty that fulfils you greatly. The future really does contain great magic.

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SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21)

So what’s important for you this year? Is it how much money you’re going to have to make or lose or save? Or how much trouble you’re going to be in? Or how much opportunity you’re going to create? Will your love-life please you?

Will you have enjoyable adventures? Actually, what makes this year really different is neither the amount of success you enjoy nor the amount of failure you risk. It is the way you are going to become able to look with greater maturity and wisdom at the deepest, most important issues in life.

Like, what’s the point of it all? What’s the meaning of your existence? Events in 2013 brought many big issues to a head. You’re still reeling from these and wrestling with what to do.

But now comes a new understanding which supports the ability to say, “Now I make sense of what I want to be doing in this world. Now I see what brings me fulfilment and what brings me frustration.”

And as you become clearer than you’ve ever been about what works for you and what doesn’t, much that has not been working for you up until now either moves out of your way or really starts working.

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CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20)

I’m not telling you that this is going to be an entirely easy year, nor is it guaranteed to be the most rewarding you have ever experienced. But it’s going to be good. Although it must be said that the way we measure good and bad is a little trite.

There can be wondrous gains in the midst of what might appear bad on the surface and uncomfortable experiences in situations which look very good from the outside. Life is now helping to steer you away from scenarios that look good, but lack substance and towards things that may or may not look good, but certainly feel right.

You will soon find it easier to address the issues that truly need to be addressed. You will develop the vital ability to express yourself with calm clarity even when you feel anger and exasperation. Having the maturity to handle yourself in this way will bless you with a sense of protection, even when other people might perceive you to be under attack.

Thus 2014 brings strengthening and uplifting phases plus movements into a whole new realm of possibility. When you see problems, you know how to solve them. That will make this a most pleasing year.

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Capricorn Orlando Bloom has a

Capricorn Orlando Bloom has a “pleasing” year ahead.
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AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19)

A series of seven powerful alignments involving your ruling planet began in 2012 and won’t end until 2015. During that time, the foundations of all that we thought we could trust are being shaken.

This is happening everywhere to everyone to some extent but it is happening more intensely and directly to you. You keep looking at promises you once made to yourself and ideas which seemed sacrosanct, and you are wondering if they still have a purpose.

Whenever you feel as if you are not free to improvise, to be inventive or to relax, you’ve got a problem you need to solve. Yet 2014 is going to be a year in which you don’t just get to have your cake and eat it, you discover it is calorie-free!

You’ll see the difference between real problems and hypothetical ones. We spend a lot of our lives, legislating for things that might go wrong, but which don’t. We invest energy into protecting ourselves from imaginary threats and we miss the stuff we really ought to be looking out for.

This year you’ll become less risk averse. You won’t be reckless, but you will be brave. Thus you will escape a set of circumstances in which you felt uncomfortably constrained and embrace opportunities that fulfil you deeply.

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PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

What is different for you about 2014 is not what’s going to happen but how you are going to feel about what happens. More often than you’ve ever felt, possibly in your whole life to date, you are going to be able to feel good about what’s happening, even if what’s happening doesn’t seem to be so good.

Your ability to feel okay is going to be enhanced by a series of encouraging celestial developments. That’s big. Really big. Because when we feel good, we can make good things happen.

Instead of saying, “I’ll never solve this problem,” we say, “Oh, it’s a problem, I wonder how I can solve it?”

And then you keep going until you find a solution. The planets are effectively making you more able to be yourself. And at your best you are pliable, adaptable and inventive. You’re a Piscean after all.

What is there that you can’t do if you try? This year, even if things aren’t ideal at times, you’ll just go, “Yes, I know … but I’m going to find a way to make it OK.” That’s going to be the repeating phenomenon. The most important thing you will know by the time this year is over, is just how blessed you are.

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