Worst is nonetheless to come for Cronulla

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The Cronulla Sharks have been handed a provisional excellent of $1 million, while manager Shane Flanagan has been dangling for 12 months over a ASADA scandal.

Cronulla manager Shane Flanagan has been stood down.

Cronulla manager Shane Flanagan has been stood down.
Source: News Limited

THE NRL has finally taken a compulsory hardline proceed in suspending Cronulla manager Shane Flanagan for 12 months and if a Sharkies true suspicion yesterday was severe justice, consider again.

Worse days distortion forward for a Shire outfit usually subsequent time it will be ASADA, not a NRL, handing out a punishments.

They will many expected come in a form of infringement notices to Sharks players, who are still staring down a tub of two-year bans for regulating criminialized supplements CJC-1295 and GHRP-6 for an 11-week window in 2011.


Bruno Cullen was allocated Cronulla’s CEO by a NRL in 2013 though left in debate shortly after.






As many as a pro-Cronulla tongue churned adult over a final 10 months has claimed a ASADA review is small some-more than a domestic attempt and a Labor magician hunt, a contribution are a facts.

Shane Flanagan, Trent Elkin and Steve Dank oversaw a procedure of criminialized peptides being introduced into a Cronulla club.

Whether they like it or not, an eccentric news consecrated by Cronulla’s prior house found a Sharks players were subjected to a on-going fast of injections, creams and tablets from Mar to a finish of May.


Fox Sports NRL match Steve Hart discusses a sanctions handed down to Cronulla Sharks by a NRL.

Both substances used have been criminialized underneath Article 2 of a WADA formula given 2004, definition a Sharks were personification unwashed pool and a whole “don’t ask, don’t tell”, “we didn’t know, we were duped” counterclaim is zero and void.

Flanagan has always confirmed he was totally ignorant about a addition program, though this position is during loggerheads with a initial chronicle of a eccentric news consecrated by a club.


Former Cronulla manager Stuart Raper says a Sharks will tarry a sanctions handed to them by a NRL.

According to that report, Flanagan and Elkin both sat Cronulla’s personification register in 2011 down in a center of Shark Park during a captain’s run and summarized a “new, tip secret” supplements program, “for a diversion day 17 only”.

Flanagan’s steady denials differ to what Elkin has told ASADA, with a ex-Cronulla tutor accepted to have minute how a dangling Sharks manager was benefaction in a corporate boxes during Shark Park when players were being administered with injections.

Flanagan’s supporters – and he has copiousness – will disagree it is absurd a Sharks manager has been handed a same cessation as Essendon AFL bar manager James Hird.


Fox Sports commentator Matthew Johns believes Cronulla’s $1 million excellent could have been worse and allows a bar to sojourn in a Shire instead of relocating to Queensland or Perth.

They will reason how during Essendon, Hird oversaw a 12-month procedure involving thousands of on-going injections given during Cronulla, there were usually a parasite over 100 jabs in an 11-week window.

Rubbish, it doesn’t matter. The manners are a rules.

At best, Shane Flanagan was totally genuine and knew zero about what Elkin and Dank were administering to a players. If this was a case, afterwards he’s guilty of being totally inattentive in terms of his avocation of caring to a Cronulla Sharks players from 2011.


Former Canberra Raiders fullback Gary Belcher describes a $1 million excellent handed down to a Cronulla Sharks over their supplements liaison as harsh.

But in a misfortune box scenario, where Flanagan potentially knew what was going on and incited a blind eye, he could be deemed complicit in a biggest doping liaison in rugby joining history.

One of a essential nails in Flanagan’s coffin, that was privately summarized by a NRL yesterday, was a Apr 6 email ex-Sharks alloy David Givney sent to a dangling manager and ex-football manager Darren Mooney sounding a alarm about Dank – who continues to repudiate any indiscretion – and his fast of supplements.


Sports counsel Darren Kane explains where a Cronulla Sharks contingency go from here and what stairs sojourn in ASADA’s investigations.

Its date was essential to a NRL’s box opposite a Sharks.

In response to a email, Flanagan betrothed to “knock it all on a head, no injections, no anything”.

But a problem was Dank was authorised to sojourn during a bar until being discharged on May 29 and players were subjected to another turn of injections and educated “Not to tell a Doc”.

Does this sound like a football bar with a avocation of caring of a players as a peerless objective?


Daily Telegraph publisher Dean Ritchie examines a punishment handed down to a Cronulla Sharks by a NRL over their addition scandal.

Two players, Isaac Gordon and Josh Cordoba, have given started authorised movement opposite a Cronulla Sharks.

Now that NRL CEO Dave Smith and arch doing officer Jim Doyle have finally reached a acceptable “fork in a road” with a ASADA component of a review to retaliate Cronulla from a corporate governance perspective, all that stays to be resolved is a anti-doping management investigation.

Smith and Doyle merit regard for their doing of a Cronulla file, withdrawal range for serve hardline movement by labelling yesterday’s decisions “provisional”.


Fox Sports’ Steve Hart reviews a NRL’s many deleterious title of 2013 – a ASADA review into a Cronulla Sharks.

While some interpreted this as a soothing option, it was not.

As many as a Cronulla true can continue to live in denial, ASADA continues to build a clever box file. Elkin was a initial to go on a record, submitting to an interview.

The growth stirred Cronulla players Paul Gallen, John Morris and Ben Pomeroy to front Elkin during his home on a same night they schooled he was co-operating with anti-doping officials.

All parties have given attempted to H2O a unfolding down to a frolicsome chat.


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