Why a drink or a zephyr could kill this man

Ward has lived with a condition given 2011.

Ward has lived with a condition given 2011.
Source: Supplied

NEXT time we down a glacial drink or suffer a airconditioning during your place, gangling a suspicion for Bernard Ward.

The Irish male has grown an allergy to a cold that is so strident it could kill him, the Daily Mail reports.

Coming into hit with anything cold, or even a remarkable dump in temperature, causes his skin to raze into indignant hives and could trigger potentially lethal anaphylactic shock.

Doctors trust he grown a allergy – called cold urticaria – while watchful for a train in shivery Scotland final year.

He now has to hang adult in comfortable layers, even indoors. He contingency enclose gloves to get things out of a fridge.

The gym is out of a doubt since a atmosphere conditioning could kill him – same goes for a nice, cold beer.

“I dismay winter entrance – we know many people don’t like a cold though it could be lethal for me,” he told a
Daily Mail.

“It costs me a happening in heating bills and thick clothes, though we have no other choice.

“Since we grown a allergy, it’s totally altered my life. A elementary night out with my friends down a pub is out of a question.”

Mr Ward has a support of his fiance, Mairead.

Mr Ward has a support of his fiance, Mairead.
Source: Supplied

Since 2011, he beheld his skin became aggravated whenever it came in hit with something cold.

“My GP pronounced it was substantially a greeting to soaking powder, or something I’d eaten, though in Feb 2012, we was on a three-week march in Scotland.

“On my initial dusk there, it was about -10, and we was watchful on a train to take me behind to a hotel. we wasn’t wearing any gloves and we was carrying bags.

“After a few mins my fingers and hands began to bloat adult so badly we couldn’t hook them.”

His legs were also lonesome in welts, his face was prickly and he was wheezing badly.

Only afterwards did doctors diagnose him with a serious allergy to a cold.

There is no famous heal for cold urticaria though it can be managed by a use of antihistamines and gripping as comfortable us possible.

Although a condition has altered Bernard’s life, he’s grateful for a support of his family and friends.

He hopes to marry his fiancee, Mairead, subsequent year.



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