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Those were a days: Malcolm Turnbull, during final year’s Sydney Mardi Gras. Source: Twitter


MALCOLM, you’re not going to let him get divided with it are you?

I hatred to move adult Justin [sigh] Trudeau, a recently commissioned Canadian primary minister, yet he’s in risk of hidden something that is justly your place in story to own.

They already have approach improved skiing than us. They’re in a organisation of 8 many absolute nations (we’re usually in a tip 20) and they invented both ice hockey and a walkie-talkie. There’s no need for Australia to give them a giveaway kick.

But, seemingly, that’s accurately what Malcolm is going to do. A few days ago Justin [sigh] let it be famous that he would be attending Toronto’s Pride rally. In doing so, he will spin a initial famous universe personality to attend a happy honour march.

Canadian primary apportion Justin Trudeau is putting Turnbull in a shade.

Canadian primary apportion Justin Trudeau is putting Turnbull in a shade.Source:AP

That honour unequivocally should be Malcolm’s, what with Sydney’s Mardi Gras Parade holding place subsequent Saturday — months before Justin [sigh] will get to strut his things in Toronto.

Malcolm is no foreigner to Mardi Gras, mostly branch adult during a VIP patio to watch a floats slip by. And because wouldn’t he? His citizens is slap-bang on a Mardi Gras impetus track and he is a internal member for a suburb with a top series of happy people in Australia. It would be bold not to go.

Yet, all a signs are that Malcolm will be a no-show during a Parade. According to reports in January, supervision sources indicated it would be doubtful he would attend a impetus now he’s Prime Minister, with one MP observant “it would be a dangerous thing to do.”

Dangerous? The usually thing dangerous about Sydney Mardi Gras is a unsure colour strife in a elaborate costumes that are a parade’s hallmark.

And if a AFL Grand Final is all hunky-dory, because is a throng of 10,000 committed Kylie fans deliberate a risk?

Bill Shorten seems nothing too worried over his possess safety, announcing this month he would be attending Mardi Gras uninformed from fasten Premer Daniel Andrews during a Midsumma Pride March, Melbourne’s homogeneous to Mardi Gras.

Perhaps it’s a some-more boring danger. A risk he competence scatter a few feathers on a worried border who, teleported into Canberra approach from 1952, seem to consider a happy chairman is some awful, disreputable weird of nature.

Already livid that their print child Tony Abbot was politically decapitated, we are told a Mal has to step delicately to damp a Bernardis and Abetzes of this world. But is unwell to attend Mardi Gras, an eventuality he’s been to large times before, unequivocally a required sop?

When it comes to LGBTI issues in general, is Malcolm some-more traitor than Turnbull?

Was it unequivocally only dual years ago that a then-Communications Minister happily headed down to a personification margin to shake a hands of mud-flecked happy sportsmen and emphasize his above-board support for a happy rugby Bingham Cup tournament?

It seems so prolonged ago now: Malcolm Turnbull with Steven Thorn, captain of happy rugby group a Sydney Convicts, winners of a 2014 Bingham Cup  a happy rugby universe cup. Picture: Chris McKeen

It seems so prolonged ago now: Malcolm Turnbull with Steven Thorn, captain of happy rugby group a Sydney Convicts, winners of a 2014 Bingham Cup — a happy rugby universe cup. Picture: Chris McKeenSource:News Corp Australia


Fast brazen for 2016 and PM Malcolm is utterly merrily subsidy a $160 million plebiscite on matrimony equality, notwithstanding Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz observant he’ll omit a result. That’s a strong costly non-binding straw poll.

Far from a fringes of a celebration descending divided with Turnbull’s crowning, he indeed seems to have emboldened them.

After weeks of Education Minister Simon Birmingham justly adhering to his guns and subsidy a Safe Schools educational module directed during assisting LGBTI students, on Tuesday a Prime Minister — utterly disgracefully — gave into a trumped-up fear debate by grouping a review.

Malcolm, it seems, crumbled underneath a change of Cory, a male who even Tony Abbott seemed to keep during a distance. Bernardi pronounced this week a module was “indoctrinating” children. What complete nonsense.

Did Malcolm tell Cory to give it a rest? To stop being such a dolt? No, by rising a review, he legitimatised each criticism on a theme Bernardi has made, withdrawal it to Shorten to call a Senator a homophobe.

Why is Malcolm pandering to Senator Cory Bernardi (pictured)? Picture: John Grainger

Why is Malcolm pandering to Senator Cory Bernardi (pictured)? Picture: John GraingerSource:News Corp Australia


Earlier this month, a Australian Christian Lobby, astoundingly, floated a thought of suspending anti-discrimination legalisation during a matrimony equivalence campaign, pardon them adult to declaim vitriol and ill untruths with happy desert while claiming they’re a ones being victimised. From Malcolm, not a peep.

Are we surprised, though? Look during Julia Gillard. While in power, her moves towards happy matrimony stalled. Years after she left a Lodge, she pronounced she was excellent with it after all. The sound she could hear was a common plaint from Potts Point to Prahran.

Of course, Turnbull was always going to have to concede as he offset a manifold arms of a Coalition. But did he unequivocally have to hurl over and entice a likes of Concetta Fierravanti-Wells and Kevin Andrews to torment his tummy?

See we during Mardi Gras, Mal? Picture: John Appleyard

See we during Mardi Gras, Mal? Picture: John AppleyardSource:News Corp Australia


Surely, only days after a NSW Government apologised to a people who were arrested and beaten by a military during a really initial Mardi Gras in 1978 would be a ideal time to uncover a PM also has a LGBTI community’s back?

Even if he did spin up, I’m not certain contemplating Mardi Gras from a champagne-soaked patio is adequate now. Certainly not with Bill Shorten hidden his rumble by indeed marching on a travel below. No, to recover a trust of his LGBTI constituents, Malcolm should squeeze a banner, maybe some pompoms and hotpants, and get into a thick of it.

Otherwise, don’t bother. Let Justin [sigh] have this one, let him be a be a initial universe personality to impetus during a Pride march. At slightest he seems to travel a Pride travel as good as articulate a Pride talk.

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