Warning on morning-after pill


A drug builder says a morning-after tablet might not be effective for women who import some-more than 80kg.

A FRENCH preventive builder pronounced a morning-after tablet is ineffectual when taken by women who import some-more than 80 kilograms.

The preference by HRA Pharma follows a announcement of formula of a investigate of levonorgestrel, one of a active mixture in a Norlevo puncture contraceptive, pronounced Frederique Welgryn, HRA Pharma’s conduct of women’s health.

Ms Welgryn pronounced that while a formula of a investigate conducted by a Edinburgh University in 2011 were “quite surprising,” a final few years have seen “a lot of discussions” about contraceptives’ efficiency in overweight or portly patients.

France’s HRA markets Norlevo in about 50 countries worldwide, including Australia. It began selling a tablet in France in 1999 and now sells about 1.5 million doses per year there. It will start copy a warning on wrapping in a initial half of 2014.

HRA Pharma Chief Executive Erin Gainer estimated that “millions” of women opposite Europe use puncture contraceptives matching to Norlevo. Ms Gainer declined to give sales total for Norlevo alone.

Anna Glasier, a lead researcher in a study, pronounced that their investigate wasn’t designed to demeanour privately during a outcome of weight on puncture contraception. She pronounced their investigate usually enclosed about 1700 women.

“It is not my place to criticism as to either a company’s preference to change recommendation is premature,” she said.

She also remarkable another prior research that found there was no plain justification to uncover that hormonal contraceptives were reduction effective in overweight women, though a peculiarity of a studies was low.

Ms Welgryn pronounced a sip of HRA’s drug contains 1.5 mg of levonorgestrel, matching to that found in Plan B One-Step, made by Teva Pharmaceuticals, use matching ingredients.

Denise Bradley, a mouthpiece for Teva Pharmaceuticals, declined to comment.

HRA began a routine of consulting with French regulators about changing a pill’s labeling in 2012 and it has taken until now for Europe’s drug regulators to approve a change, Ms Welgryn said.

The new warning also says that a drug’s efficiency is reduced in women who import some-more than 75 kilograms, and it is ineffectual in women who import some-more than 80 kilograms.

Dr Diana Mansour, a mouthpiece for Britain’s Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, pronounced in overweight and portly women a drug substantially gets engrossed into their fat some-more fast and doesn’t have adequate time to work in their bodies.

“It has reduction of a possibility to check ovulation and there are reduce levels (in a blood) of a drug to have an effect,” she said. Dr Mansour pronounced there wasn’t adequate information to know if simply giving portly women a aloft sip of a drug would solve a problem.

In a UK, doctors haven’t been given any recommendation to stop giving overweight or portly women Levonnelle, that contains a same active part as Norlevo.

Lynn Hearton, clinical lead for a FPA passionate health charity, pronounced any overweight or portly women endangered about puncture contraception should pronounce to a medical professional.

“It is quite critical we don’t put some women off holding puncture contraception since they consider it won’t work anyway,” she said.


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