Want to slim down? Don’t worry about eating cake

Don't worry about eating that cake. Picture: Thin...

Don’t worry about eating that cake. Picture: Thinkstock
Source: ThinkStock

IF CHOCOLATE cake is your guilty pleasure, maybe it’s time to start feeling good about it instead.

Psychologists have found those who see tucking into a sizeable cut as something to applaud are most some-more expected to stay slim.

On a other hand, chocolate eaters who find themselves wracked with shame thereafter are prone to raise on a pounds.

The commentary uncover a approach we understand juicy treats is only as critical as a calorie count when it comes to weight gain. Feeling guilty is expected to make us desert diet skeleton and adopt diseased eating habits. But saying chocolate as a prerogative gives us a improved possibility of adhering to long-term weight-loss goals. Researchers during New Zealand’s University of Canterbury quizzed roughly 300 volunteers aged 18 to 86 on their eating habits.

They also asked if eating chocolate cake done them feel happy or guilty. Eighteen months later, those riddled with shame had put on most some-more weight. The study, in a online biography Appetite, found: “Enjoyment of food is essential to people’s well-being.”

Britain is a world’s seventh biggest chocolate consumer. The normal chairman gets by 3 bars a week.


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