Virgin ends adult in ER on his initial time

Sex Sent me to a ER TV show

Actors play New Yorkers Gregg Casarona and Jen Gerakaris on new existence TVs uncover Sex Sent Me to a ER. Ms Gerakaris suffered a concussion after popping her 200kg boyfriend’s cherry. Picture: Discovery Fit Health
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THE initial time Gregg Casarona ever had sex, a walls didn’t only shake – they shattered.

The 200kg plan manager was 21 during a time and had been dating his partner Jen Gerakaris for about a month when they motionless to take things to a subsequent level, The New York Post reports.

Ms Gerakaris was 22 and vital in her parents’ Long Island, New York groundwork during a time. She done her pierce by stripping down to her bra and panties and watchful on her bed until Mr Casarona got a hint.

“I knew he was a pure and we overtly didn’t care,” Ms Gerakaris says. “We were dating for a small while and he hadn’t put any moves on me nonetheless so we done a move.”

When things began to feverishness up, Mr Casarona bearing a 50kg Ms Gerakaris retrograde with all 200kg of his girth. And Ms Gerakaris’s conduct went right by a basement’s sheet-rock wall.

“My initial greeting was, ‘I killed her,’ ” Mr Casarona tells The Post. “‘This is my initial time. And Jen is dead.’ ”

After a integrate of terrifying seconds, Ms Gerakaris solemnly pulled her conduct out of a wall and looked during Mr Casarona incredulously.

“Why’d we stop?” she asked.

“He looked like he was about to have a heart attack,” she says. “So we only wanted to abate a mood.”

But Mr Casarona was jarred and insisted on holding his lover, who started to turn drunken and nauseous, to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with a concussion.

Their story will be featured – with a less-steamy reenactment – in a premiere part of new US TV uncover Sex Sent me to a ER.

The integrate stayed together for 4 some-more years after their ER outing and sojourn tighten friends today. Casarona, now 28, has given forsaken 100kgs and Gerakaris, now 29, has a new beloved who knows about that furious night.

Read some-more about their distress in The New York Post.



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