Victoria’s process prohibited spots

Kleo Kapsaskis, whose Wheelers Hill home was repossessed and auctioned after her father was diagnosed with MS and a couple...

Kleo Kapsaskis, whose Wheelers Hill home was repossessed and auctioned after her father was diagnosed with MS and a integrate began to default on their mortgage. Photo: Janine Eastgate
Source: HeraldSun

MORE than 270 Victorians mislaid their houses to routine by banks in a 3 months to Oct 15 this year, total performed by Leader newspapers show.

Most Victorian repossessions are occurring in Melbourne’s outdoor suburbs.

The total could usually be performed by Leader reporters examining hundreds of Supreme Court writs lodged by banks, since a relapse of a routine total by municipality is not done accessible by any authority.

Over a three-month period, between Jul 15 and Oct 15, there were 274 writs released to Victorian homeowners, with a immeasurable infancy in Melbourne’s outdoor suburbs headed by Casey with 16 writs, followed by Hume (14), Brimbank (13) and Melton (13).

Behind a total are hundreds of stories of hardship and desperation, including a knowledge of Kleo and Spiros Kapsaskis.

After operative for some-more than 40 years, both were still healthy and in solid jobs when they motionless to refinance a debt for their Wheelers Hill residence with ANZ. Then Mr Kapsaskis, 58, was diagnosed with mixed sclerosis.

“MS doesn’t give we any warning. It usually comes and we go downhill really fast,” pronounced Mrs Kapsaskis, 55.

“He attempted to keep operative though he usually couldn’t.”

Faced with a highlight of being a usually breadwinner during home, looking after her father and other problems during work, Mrs Kapsaskis collapsed during her bureau and was put on highlight leave.

Her income was reduced, Mr Kapsaskis indispensable remedy and as Mrs Kapsaskis was on Work Cover, her father was primarily not entitled to a Health Care Card.

“I couldn’t means to compensate a debt any more. Next thing we know we get a minute from a bank observant that we had defaulted on a loan,” Mrs Kapsaskis said.

“I spoke with them observant ‘Please give me some some-more time. we will sell my residence though we wish to repair it adult first’.

“I couldn’t even get it refinanced since of a default notice.”

In her recklessness she attempted to entrance her superannuation to make payments, though she pronounced a routine was frustrating and took too long.

“I was frightened to go to a mailbox, too fearful of what would be in there. we would not answer a phone,” she said.

“All we did was cry. we couldn’t even consider straight.” Then, one Saturday morning there was a hit on a door. It was a hand-delivered routine writ.

“When we saw a Supreme Court on a pouch we scarcely died,” she said. The family home, where children had grown up, was auctioned on Oct 19.

Mr Kapsaskis is in a nursing home and needs high-level caring and Mrs Kapsaskis has to find a place to live before a Jan settlement.

The integrate are not certain how most income they will accept from a sale of a residence once a loan is privileged and costs are deducted. They doubt they will be means to get another home loan so it is expected Mrs Kapsaskis will need to rent.

“There is a tarnish that comes with losing your home. People consider it’s usually ‘work hard, save income and you’ll be OK’. We’ve both worked really tough all a lives. But some-more than 40 years of work and a good credit rating usually goes out a window¬ if something astonishing happens like illness or losing your job.”

Top 10 Victorian municipalities for routine writs

Casey 16

Hume 14

Brimbank 13

Melton 13

Kingston 11

Mornington 11

Yarra Ranges 11

Frankston 9

Monash 9

Whittlesea 9


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