Tom Selleck ‘stole H2O for ranch’

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck is indicted of holding a H2O over a past dual years

Actor Tom Selleck has been indicted of hidden H2O for his plantation in desiccated California by raiding a open hydrant.

The Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County claims a tanker lorry filled adult some-more than a dozen times over a past dual years.

It pronounced a H2O was delivered to a Magnum PI star’s circuitously 60-acre ranch, where he grows avocados.

The district is seeking a justice claim preventing Selleck from holding any some-more water.

The authorised box comes after California communities were systematic to cut H2O use by 25% amid a four-year drought that has shop-worn a state’s cultivation industry.


In papers filed during Ventura Country Superior Court, a censure pronounced a Calleguas Municipal Water District spent scarcely $22,000 (£14,300) to sinecure a private questioner from 2013-15 to record a thefts.

The many new occurrence was in March, when a same lorry was speckled holding H2O in a city of Thousand Oaks and holding it to a actor’s plantation in Westlake Village on 4 uninterrupted days.

The censure combined a plcae of a H2O hydrant was in a opposite area than a H2O district that serves a actor’s ranch.

The district pronounced it sent Selleck a cease-and-desist sequence in Nov 2013, warning it would take authorised movement if he did not stop holding a water.

In further to a injunction, a district is also seeking to replenish a authorised fees and inquisitive costs.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department also investigated and was incompetent to settle a crime occurred, Capt John Reilly said.

Representatives for Selleck have nonetheless to criticism on a matter.

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