Theresa May tells Vogue about ‘gentleman’ Donald Trump

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Theresa May insists Donald Trump was “being a gentleman” when he hold her palm during her US revisit shortly after he became 45th president.

In an talk with a character repository American Vogue, she says: “We were about to travel down a ramp, and he pronounced it competence be a bit awkward.”

Asked what she done of Mr Trump, she adds: “I like to consider we got on.”

Mrs May also admits that during home she cooks and her father Philip, a banker, loads a dishwasher.

In a wide-ranging article, a primary apportion appears in a array of photographs by Annie Leibovitz and answers questions on a accumulation of issues, including a consistent comparison between her and a usually other British womanlike PM, Margaret Thatcher.

“There can usually ever be one Margaret Thatcher,” she says. “I’m Theresa May. we do things my way.”

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Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

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Theresa May and father Philip

Asked what she done of Donald Trump during their initial assembly in Washington DC revisit in January, Mrs May said: “I like to consider we got on.

“I mean, apparently he has, uh… it was a overwhelming choosing victory, in that he’s someone who has not been concerned in politics.”

Pressed on either she confronted a boss about his comments about women, that she had formerly described as “unacceptable”, she replied: “Well, we don’t… We don’t criticism on private conversations that take place.

“All we would contend is, I’ve been really clear: I’m not fearful to lift issues and a inlet of a attribute is such that we should be means to be straightforward and open with any other.”

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In a interview, publisher Gaby Wood asks Mrs May, an usually child, about her matrimony to Philip, that took place shortly before both her relatives died.

“I’ve been advantageous that he’s been really understanding of me,” she said. They have famous any other so prolonged “there’s something, that is a bond between you, that develops over time.”

On not carrying a family of her own, she comments: “Look, it’s one of those things. We didn’t have children. You only get on with life.”

She says during home she enjoys cooking, though has been vacant to learn her father is a dab palm during fungus risotto. “We have a really good system,” she says. “I cook, and he puts all in a dishwasher.”


Asked what a integrate disagree about, she remarks: “Do we know, we consider we disagree about a same things that many people disagree about – like, who has a remote? And what we’re examination tonight. His story programme? No – [the American TV drama] NCIS.”

Mrs May says “it’s a good honour” to be primary minister, and answers brusquely about either she feels a need to be liked. “It’s not a recognition stakes, being primary minister. we consider what’s critical is for people to feel that I’m delivering for them.”

She admits she did opinion to sojourn in a EU referendum, though insists “what’s critical is that a nation feels, we think, that it wants to come together”.

Asked if she was astounded about a media charge surrounding her preference to wear a span of leather trousers value roughly £1,000 in an talk with a Sunday journal magazine, she said: “Look, via my domestic career, people have commented on what we wear – that’s only something that happens and we accept that.

“But it doesn’t stop me from going out and enjoying conform – and we also consider it’s critical to be means to uncover that a lady can do a pursuit like this and still be meddlesome in clothes.”

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