The law behind THAT Big Mac video

This video grossed everybody out, though there might be some-more to it.

LAST week, a video of fiery copper being poured on tip of a Big Mac quick went viral.

The fiery copper – that has a melting indicate of 1085°C – rolled right off a patty, suggesting a common Maccas Big Mac is indeed “indestructible and presumably indigestible”.

It flattering most seemed to endorse each disreputable guess we have about a middle marauding of quick food.

But while a video was ideally authentic, a import – that a effects took place due to qualities within McDonald’s food – might not indeed be valid.

The barbarous video is indeed an instance of a Leidenfrost effect, a routine by that a tighten vicinity of glass with a mass significantly hotter than a liquid’s hot indicate produces a “protective” covering to keep it from hot rapidly.

So basically, a poignant apportionment of a mix used in a Big Mac’s bread is still water, even after baking. When that H2O comes into hit with a fiery copper, a covering of steam is combined that protects a burger from a withering heat.

Mythbusters demonstrated this behind in 2009 by display a Leidenfrost outcome in action. The subjects dipped their hands in water, and afterwards into a pot of fiery lead during 450°C. Both subjects came out totally unharmed, describing a prodigy as “kind of comfortable and pleasant”.

You can see a identical outcome in this viral video from a integrate of months ago, in that The Backyard Scientist doused a beef in fiery aluminium.

In conclusion? That tasty Big Mac you’ve been crucifying for a past week is indeed only an trusting guaranty in a sinful electioneer for Youtube hits. Judging by these experiments, a same routine would start if we used anything from a some-more healthy DIY burger to a hang of celery.

So a subsequent time you’re dipsomaniac out of your mind, classing it adult in a gutter outward your internal Mickey D’s, fear not. Devour that voluptuous Big Mac and suffer it.

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