The suburbs to watch in 2014

MELBOURNE’S hottest genuine estate prospects for 2014 will be Berwick, Dandenong, Epping, Frankston and Sunshine, a new news has claimed.

The auction frenzy that noted 2013 will palliate as buyers eye some-more affordable suburbs, skill guru Terry Ryder said.

Improvements to infrastructure, practice opportunities and an augmenting race meant a cheaper suburbs should overtake a rest of a marketplace in a entrance months.


“Our numbers uncover that prolonged term, a best collateral expansion is in a some-more affordable brackets,” Mr Ryder said.

“This year has been unequivocally many on a auction frenzy, and we thinks a marketplace subsequent year is going to be a small bit some-more receptive and about expansion in a center and outdoor ring suburbs.”

But while there will be good buys on center and outdoor Melbourne, we will have to demeanour serve afield for a best investment opportunities, according to Mr Ryder.

“To get an investment skill that pays for itself we unequivocally need to demeanour during places like Bendigo and Ballarat where there are houses with let earnings of 6 or 7 per cent, and we can steal during about 5 per cent,” he said.

Here are a 5 Melbourne suburbs to watch.


RP Data has a median cost for houses in Berwick during $450,000.

And a suburb has been named interjection to a flourishing population, clever preparation offerings, new sanatorium expansion and a ascent for a Monash Freeway.

Mr Ryder also identified it as one of Melbourne’s steadiest markets with annual expansion frequency dipping next 5 per cent – and prices also achieved good in 2011 and 2012 when many Melbourne suburbs suffered.

“There’s a outrageous pool of direct for let properties in a area and it’s an area with relations affordability and should interest to home buyers and investors,” Mr Ryder said.

On offer:

13 Tyrell Place, Berwick – $460,000-plus – four-bedroom house

13 Tyrell Place, Berwick.

13 Tyrell Place, Berwick.
Source: Supplied


Nearby Dandenong’s improvements in business and attention prospects in new years, as good as those to internal sell hubs, underpin a prospects for destiny growth, according to Mr Ryder.

“Dandenong has finished unequivocally good for collateral expansion in a past and it’s got good ride and affordability,” he said.

“It doesn’t have a good image, though it does have a fundamentals that make a good investment.”

The suburbs median cost for a residence is an affordable $385,000 according to RP Data’s latest median prices.

On offer:

7 Sarona St, Dandenong – $380,000-plus – three-bedroom house

7 Sarona St, Dandenong.


Epping and Craigieburn have also been enclosed on a list interjection to a operation of additions to internal practice opportunities including a relocation of Melbourne’s biggest fruit marketplace to a area. Epping is a some-more costly of a span by $5,000 with a median cost tab of $350,000.

Improvements to highway infrastructure and railway entrance have also helped urge a suburbs’ prospects.

“A lot of logistics businesses have changed out there and that’s brought a lot of jobs into a area,” Mr Ryder said.

Harcourts Epping executive Tony Lombardi concluded with Mr Ryders comment and combined that unchanging expansions of a Northern hospital.

“I would contend a (infrastructure) expansion will boost a series of people wanting to live in Epping and direct will boost residence prices,” he said.

On offer:

63 Lyndarum Drive, Epping – $369,000 – three-bedroom house

63 Lyndarum Drive, Epping.

63 Lyndarum Drive, Epping.
Source: Supplied


Frankston’s affordable skill prices, with a median during $340,000 according to RP Data stats, have done it renouned with initial homebuyers. It is also benefiting from a position on a bay, and an uptick in blurb expansion in a area has it staid to perform well.

“It’s affordable bayside, it’s been nominated by a state supervision as a expansion centre for a south easterly of Melbourne and a foreshore amenity has been softened immensely,” Mr Ryder said.

On offer:

75 Orwill St, Frankston – $335,000-$360,000 – four-bedroom house

75 Orwill St, Frankston.


With prices still hovering during a $400,000 symbol for a median residence in Sunshine, it is still to see a full advantage of supervision skeleton to urge a areas railway hub. It’s also a clever claimant for solid expansion interjection to supervision skeleton to build a informal rail network heart in a suburb.

“That’s going to be outrageous for Sunshine,” Mr Ryder said.

Terry Fitzpatrick, from Jas Stephens genuine estate, combined that a suburb is also benefiting from a sputter outcome as buyers are labelled out of circuitously Yarraville and Footscray.

“California bungalows are unequivocally renouned since that’s what people are (looking for) in Yarraville and Kensington,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

On offer:

3 Merlow St, Sunshine – $380,000-$410,000 – four-bedroom house.

For some-more skill tips to assistance we in 2014, check out this Saturday’s Realestate territory in your Herald Sun newspaper. And don’t forget to squeeze a duplicate of a Sunday Herald Sun to see a formula from this weekend’s Super Saturday, including a sale of Julia Gillard’s former Altona home.

3 Merlow St, Sunshine.

3 Merlow St, Sunshine.
Source: Supplied


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