The tip to creation friends as an adult

Last week Tanya Hennessy wrote about carrying no friends in Canberra. This week is a totally opposite story.

LAST week we wrote a square about relocating widespread for a job. How we was feeling super waste in a new city and struggling to find friends. Since essay it my Twitter and Facebook exploded.

I’m articulate thousands of inboxes and tweets.

Most of them from people observant how waste and friendless they felt when they changed to Canberra, (or other states and territories for work).

Almost each chairman who wrote to me pronounced “I will hang with you, we have no friends either!” we consider it’s unusual that so many people would strech out and wish to cater a stranger. (Faith in amiability restored) But in reality, it’s some-more a thoughtfulness of a disappointment of siege and friendlessness.

So, we took a few people adult on their offers, and am happy to news I’m going to a BBQ subsequent weekend with some Canberrans we have been chatting to on Facebook.

Am we shaken about this? Of course.

But, we theory this week we have learnt that it’s about observant “yes” to anything and everything. Even if it’s after work and you’re sleepy and couldn’t be bothered. It’s about unequivocally throwing yourself out there and stepping outward your comfort zone. we guess, we get a bit concerned when it comes to this kind of stuff. (I know we wouldn’t consider it, due to being a radio announcer, though we am.)

So with this in mind, we went all out. we asked a lady during work out for cooking and we have been out twice since. We content a lot too. It’s about carrying someone to download a day to, and it’s comforting meaningful we have someone to content Sunday morning saying if they wish to do brekky.

A lady we met during a Colour Run inboxed me on Facebook, and we have a film date sealed in for after Easter.

Some of a Canberra media tweeted me, so I’m looking brazen to unresolved out with those guys too. we consider we competence start a network for immature media professionals in Canberra. (What a win!)

(That’s another engaging point, it’s also about anticipating “friend matches”- if we will. Finding those like-minded people or “your people”. You have to find people we click with. It’s like dating, you’ve got to have that spark!)

Maybe Joe Hockey should start a network for politicians to make friends?

Maybe Joe Hockey should start a network for politicians to make friends?Source:News Corp Australia

Oh, we also sealed adult for terrarium school. Where we learn to make terrariums. we know. So random.

I found there is a ukulele organisation in city too, so we devise to go to that as well.

And while I’m doing EVERYTHING, we also inquired about an adult’s ballet class. we will demeanour horrific in a leotard. But YOLO, right?

I’m only going to step out right of my comfort zone. As Jillian Michaels’ says, “If we don’t ask a lady or a man on a date, we won’t get rejected. But we won’t tumble in adore either. If we don’t request for a job, afterwards we won’t get a position we want”.

Interestingly, we have a new womanlike announcer (from Townsville) starting subsequent week. So I’m unequivocally vehement to be her initial Canberra friend. In fact, I’m perfectionist she come to cooking with me week one! She will be me dual months ago — new in city and with no friends.

So, theory what Bethany, you’re my new bestie.

So … yes. we have finally found friends! Well, I’m during slightest on my way.

Tanya Hennessy is a horde of Hit 104.7 Breakfast in Canberra. Follow her on Facebook.

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