Thailand hell: ‘People pronounced we was stupid’

Alice found herself in a wily conditions while travelling Asia.

SOMETIMES, we can get ourselves into difficulty while travelling. Things can occur that we many positively didn’t devise and afterwards we need help.

Becoming profound while travelling isn’t on everyone’s bucket list. It wasn’t on cave and still isn’t … though I’ve been there. It happened to me. we finished a preference to have an abortion. Being a solo womanlike traveller in a nation that isn’t my home and not carrying anyone with me: It was tough.

This is my story.

I found out we could be profound over a play of noodles. we was eating with a French lady I’d met progressing that day and was energetically tucking into my second helping. As we shoved a prolonged threads into my mouth she exclaimed, “Are we eating for dual or something?”

Part of me suspicion she was super slim and we was usually shamelessly eating though when we got behind to my hostel that night, we realised we was late.

At a time, we was mountainous by a north of Thailand on a motorbike. we wasn’t too endangered and told myself that travelling was usually throwing my cycle off and to not worry about it. A integrate of days after we went to eat noodles again in another town.

Joy fast incited to sadness.

Joy fast incited to sadness.

This time, for some reason, no one would offer me. we was a usually white chairman there, my Thai was flattering many self-existent and people usually looked right by me. we got upset. Really upset. we usually cried and cried on a cement until a internal male saw me and demanded a seller feed me a noodles. What was always easy while travelling was unexpected removing harder.

I gathering by a north for a rest of a week. My behind hurt. we kept switching between revelation myself that it was duration cramps and afterwards that we was pregnant. we was a flighty yoyo and began pushing faster out of pristine disappointment and fear.

I went to temples a lot. we prayed and begged like a damaged record that we would be OK. Me and Buddha were good friends that week.

Travelling solo has it challenges.

Travelling solo has it challenges.

I finally got tighten to a place where we could buy a pregnancy test. we took it and a cold law was revealed. we can’t unequivocally contend how we felt. In fact, we felt nothing. we usually now went into drudge mode.

I have never wanted children — we tell people that I’m too greedy to have children. we wish to be travelling until we can’t. It’s tough adequate perplexing to transport with a beloved (if we ever accommodate him), let alone a child. It sounds crazy to contend it though it distressed me that we couldn’t take my designed moody to Myanmar: There were no termination services there.

Instead, we told a father, researched my options and requisitioned a moody to Cambodia, Siem Reap. we finished an appointment with an general reproductive medical organization and holed myself adult in a hotel feeling horribly sorry. we had to have an ultrasound and hear a helper ‘congratulate’ me.

I opted for a medical termination as we was usually 3 weeks pregnant. we swallowed those pills and usually waited. we had listened fear stories of a routine being intensely unpleasant though it wasn’t.

Alice carried on as normal, exploring a church hull in Siem Reap, Cambodia a day after visiting a clinic.

Alice carried on as normal, exploring a church hull in Siem Reap, Cambodia a day after visiting a clinic.

Then we usually kept on going. we toured all a temples, carried on around a nation for a month on a motorbike, headed to Vietnam for 3 months. we didn’t bewail my decision, we was positively relieved though it was impossibly tough nonetheless.

I would arise adult and realize that we could be profound though wasn’t. It unequivocally strike me in Vietnam about dual months after what had indeed happened. Eventually, after a year, we couldn’t do it any some-more and had to go behind to England for some respite.

When we did tell people what had happened, a response was, unfortunately, flattering negative. People couldn’t understand: “You contingency have held something” / “How could we do that to yourself?” / “You’re stupid” / “You weren’t clever during all”.

Men, in particular, were not empathetic. Part of me gets it. It’s a formidable thing to respond to someone who tells we they were profound though motionless to have an abortion. People usually don’t speak about it enough.

That’s because we wanted to write this post and give as many information as probable if we find yourself in a identical situation. Do what is right for we and make a many of a support that is available.


I have put together termination options in any nation in Asia on my site. Use a hunt box to find your country. This apparatus includes countries that are deliberate to be a partial of Asia and Europe. All information is stream adult until May 2015 and will be updated regularly.

Here are some of a options.

Here are some of a options.


• Marie Stopes

I don’t know what we would have finished but these guys. They yield a full operation of peculiarity reproductive and passionate health services. They yield entrance to protected termination services where it’s legal, and post-abortion care.

Women on Waves

The many comprehensive, extraordinary website ever. They have a protected online medical termination use and termination information for any country. They helped me immensely with this post. Women on Waves, we rock.

Women on Web

A sister organization of Women on Waves. Another extensive and extraordinary website that can assistance we get termination pills online. It is an glorious source of support and information. Yet again, they rock.


A time like this is impossibly difficult, regardless of either we are certain about your preference or not. Sharing this conditions with others can assistance we think, plan, conduct and feel supported. This might be your best friend, your mom or a understanding phone call to an organisation. If we wish to get in hold and speak things through, these guys can help. If we don’t wish to talk, that’s totally OK too. Do what we feel is best.

Alice is a 31-year-old traveller from a UK. For some-more information revisit her site

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