‘Subway samurai’ faces a flogging

A SUBWAY commuter in Singapore is confronting a awaiting of 5 years in jail and punishment for wielding a sword on house a sight while dressed in samurai attire.

Metro user SMRT pronounced military were called in Monday after a male wielding a samurai sword jumped a transport embankment during a suburban hire and boarded a sight headed towards a city.

A military mouthpiece pronounced he was incarcerated for possession of a weapon, an corruption that is punishable by adult to 5 years in jail and a imperative smallest of 6 strokes of a cane.

She did not respond to queries about his nationality or age.

Photographs posted on amicable media by other passengers on a sight showed a male wielding a sword while dressed in a white T-shirt and Japanese “hakama” pants customarily ragged by martial humanities practitioners.

He seemed to competition frizzy, shoulder-length hair. “From a waist adult he looked like a rocker, though from a waist down, he looked like a samurai,” declare Kim Bomhae told a Straits Times newspaper.

The images posted on Facebook and several blogs showed military officers and passengers gripping a far-reaching berth as a male brandished a unsheathed sword on house a train.

Subway samurai

Subway samurai… A male wielding a sword is seen on a Singapore transport complement in this design taken by Twitter user @swirlsof

He was apprehended by military who tailed him after he alighted during City Hall hire during a heart of Singapore’s county district.

The weird occurrence immediately drew online derision. “Seems like a good approach to safeguard we get your personal space on a train,” wrote Ahmad Zhaki Abdullah on a Straits Times’ Facebook page.

Congestion on a 150km-long metro network has fed rancour among Singaporeans in new years.


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