Strangest transport questions of 2013

Planning a holiday is not always well-spoken sailing. Picture: Thinkstock

Planning a holiday is not always well-spoken sailing. Picture: Thinkstock
Source: Supplied

SURE, formulation a holiday isn’t always easy. Many logistical issues might come to mind, and not all of them will have easy answers.

However, there are times when it might be best to coddle it over before coming your transport representative for help.

From cases of journey difficulty to map mix-ups and craft obscure situations, here are 28 of a many gobsmackingly weird transport questions of a year, according to transport association

Headed in a wrong direction?

1. How most is a moody from Los Angeles to California?

2. we wish to go to Mexico, a partial where a Inca Trail is. (You meant Peru?)

3. How prolonged does it take to expostulate from Honolulu to LA?

4. Can we get a beachside hotel in Bangkok?

5. Where am we means to obtain banking for Tasmania?

6. Why do we need a pass for New Zealand when it’s usually a domestic flight?

7. How most is a train transport from Perth to Auckland?

8. How prolonged will a train from Melbourne to LA take?

Plane puzzling

9. If a rest of my family flies in a plane’s load hold, do we have to buy some-more than one ticket?

10. How do we know if I’ll have adequate oxygen on a plane? Can we take my possess oxygen?

11. Can we take a overlay adult toilet chair on a plane? we don’t do open toilets.

12. Will my life-sized teddy bear get a possess seat?

What about my teddy bear? Picture: Thinkstock

What about my teddy bear? Picture: Thinkstock
Source: ThinkStock

13. If we have a chair that goes down prosaic in business class, can we still lay on my side or usually on my back?

14. Why does it take two-and-a-half hours to fly from Brisbane to Sydney though usually 30 mins to fly from Sydney to Brisbane? (Daylight savings!)

15. Will my moody be cheaper if we don’t have a seat?

16. But don’t planes run on solar power? (In response to an reason about a fuel surcharge.)

Cruise confusion

17. Will my outward cabin be above water?

18. Can we take my fishing rod so my beloved and we can fish from a ship? (After conference with a ship’s captain, yes, though on a catch-and-release basement only. Sadly, not all fish would tarry being reeled adult some-more than 11 decks.)

19. If we get an inside cabin on my cruise, will we still be means to transport around on a boat outward like we see in a movies?

Can we transport around a boat like Leo and Kate if we get an inside cabin? Picture: AFP

Can we transport around a boat like Leo and Kate if we get an inside cabin? Picture: AFP
Source: Supplied

Perplexing pass issues

20. Do we need a pass to go to Tasmania?

21. On my quote it says “Miss Jane Smith”, though we don’t have “miss” on my passport. Does that matter?

22. When it says “case sensitive” for my online engagement code, does that meant we can usually use it once?

OTT transport mandate

23. Can we get a debate train to leave progressing and stop reduction mostly so we can get to Berlin in time to accommodate my friends?

24. we know it’s soppy deteriorate in Thailand, though can we greatfully send me during a week when it won’t be raining?

25. If they don’t pronounce English in Nigeria, can we get my income back?

26. For transport over Grand Final Weekend – can we get a cheaper moody to Melbourne since we don’t like football?

27. Can we pledge that when I’m in France there will always be someone who speaks English accessible to assistance me?

28. Why didn’t we tell me how bad people in India are?


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