Stonehenge gets complicated makeover


Travel by time…Children demeanour during a computer-generated animation that lets visitors to mount in a centre of a antiquated mill round during several chronological times, during a new Stonehenge visitor’s centre. Picture: AFP
Source: AFP

IT has been station for thousands of years, so Britain’s ancient Stonehenge relic was due a makeover.

New caller comforts and landscaping are designed to “restore a dignity” of a puzzling mill circle, and renovate a approach some-more than 1 million visitors a year see it.

The 27 million bruise ($49 million) restoration that was previewed yesterday includes a new building 2.4 kilometres from a stones, where visitors can watch an muster about Neolithic life.

They can afterwards travel to Stonehenge down an ancient processional walkway, or take a convey bus.

The new comforts open to a open on Wednesday. In June, a territory of bustling highway that has run for decades beside a stones, 130 kilometres southwest of London, will be sealed for good.

Simon Thurley, who heads ruling physique English Heritage, pronounced visitors would be means to see a stones “free from a confusion and rubbish” that have been built adult around them.

Stonehenge was built in 3 phases between 3000 B.C. and 1600 B.C. for a purpose that stays unclear.


Winter solstice…Druids and New Age supporters applaud a annual Winter Solstice final December. The new caller centre has non-stop in time for this weekend’s solstice gathering. Picture: AP

Recent investigate suggests a site might have started as a hulk funeral belligerent for chosen families. Archaeologists have found a stays of dozens of cremated bodies from about 3000 B.C. whose plcae was noted by bluestones.

The second Stonehenge, that still stands, might have been a place for Druid worship, a hulk astronomical calendar, or a place of recovering built by winding herders.

Evidence suggests a site drew vast crowds for a summer and winter solstices, a tradition that continues today.

Hundreds of contentious Druids, pagans and New Age revelers are due to accumulate on a site for a winter solstice on Saturday, a shortest day of a year in a northern hemisphere.



Burial site…Facial reformation consultant Oscar Nilsson puts finishing touches on a reformation of a neolithic male who was buried around 5500 years ago nearby Stonehenge. Picture: AFP


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