Smaller parties in the 2017 general election

BBC2’s Daily Politics has been hearing from some of the smaller parties putting up candidates at the general election. Here are a selection of clips from the series so far.

English Democrats:

Media captionEnglish Democrats leader Robin Tilbrook says there is an appetite for an English parliament

British National Party:

Media captionBNP chairman Adam Walker on how the party is growing again

The Liberal Party:

Media captionLiberal Party leader Steve Radford says Britain can be a global player post Brexit

Alliance for Green Socialism:

Media captionAlliance for Green Socialism leader Mike Davies says his party’s policies are different from the Greens and Labour

Socialist Party:

Media captionSocialist Party spokesman Danny Lambert on opposing capitalism

Workers Revolutionary Party:

Media captionThe Workers Revolutionary Party’s Frank Sweeney on supporting the struggles of the working class

Pirate Party:

Media captionPirate Party leader Mark Chapman says the government should not be able to read emails

Women’s Equality Party:

Media captionWomen’s Equality Party’s Sophie Walker on bringing fresh voices into politics

Christian Peoples Alliance:

Media captionChristian Peoples Alliance leader Sid Cordle says people should consider alternatives to abortion

The Yorkshire Party:

Media captionYorkshire Party leader Stewart Arnold on the county having its own tax rate

And here’s where we’ve collected together guides to the bigger British parties


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