Rooster testicles seized during NZ border


Picture: AP
Source: AP

BAKED beans they are not.

Biosecurity officials have put a fist on a male who attempted to move in 2kg of rooster testicles from Vietnam.

The testicles, that were dictated to be eaten, were confiscated and broken when a male announced them to officials entrance by Auckland International Airport final month.

The male had them in a cold bin along with fish and other food that he was bringing behind for his family, a Ministry for Primary Industries orator says.

The testicles – that bear a similarity to baked beans – were broken since of a risk of disease.

According to a Revoltingfood blog, rooster testicles are famous as duck beans in a US.

They have an coming and hardness identical to tofu and “connoisseurs like them hardly baked so there’s still some glass inside so that we feel a glass eruption into your mouth when we punch down on it”.

Other surprising equipment seized during a limit recently embody rabbit faeces – from a wizard – cattle urine from Malaysia and rodent curry. One woman, who listed her function as a witch, attempted to import some unclear spices carrying names such as “dragon blood resin”.


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