Rigby’s killer ‘drugged, raped a 14yo’

Michael Adebolajo Lee Rigby attacker

Michael Adebolajo (2nd R) allegedly drugged and raped a young girl more than a decade before he murdered British soldier Lee Rigby.
Source: AFP

ONE of the men convicted of the gruesome murder of British soldier Lee Rigby allegedly drugged and raped a 14-year-old girl in 2001.

The Mirror reports that Michael Adebolajo, who would later hack Rigby to death with a machete alongside Michael Adebowale, lured the schoolgirl into his home and encouraged her to smoke marijuana until she passed out.

The girl, who the newspaper called “Vivian” (not her real name), said she suddenly came around to find that Adebolajo, then aged 16, was raping her.

“I have looked into his eyes and felt the evil inside him,” she said.

“I opened my eyes and his face was less than an inch from mine. I’ll never forget that moment for as long as I live.

“His teeth were discoloured and wonky. His eyes seemed to be burning. He smirked and his breath smelt foul and was hot on my face.

“I looked down and saw that my trousers and pants were down. His friend was still in the room, watching. I pushed him off and began yanking my trousers up and wriggling out from underneath him.

Vivan said she got to her feet and ran home in tears, too ashamed to tell her parents.

“The guilt and the shame felt like too much. My dad didn’t like Michael either. I wasn’t even supposed to be out with him, let alone at his house,” she said.

“I got straight in the shower and cried the whole time. I got into bed and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. It felt like a little piece of me had been killed that night.

“I told myself I’d have to put it to the back of my mind and get on with my life.

“But his twisted teeth and foul breath have stayed in my memory ever since.”

In an astonishing twist, Vivan said she had a chance encounter with Adebolajo just two days before Rigby’s murder.

“He pulled up in a car alongside me – the same car he drove into Lee Rigby to knock him down before doing those awful things to him,” she said.

“He told me to get in the passenger seat. I did and shut the door but kept my hand on the handle.

“He said in a jokey voice, ‘I should drive off and take you with me.’ I said, ‘No, don’t do that.’ He then let me out.”

The next day Vivan said Adebolajo texted her suggesting they “have a good day out”. She told him she was busy.

On the day of the would-be meeting she said she was stunned to see bloody images of Adebolajo on television.

“I’ve never been able to forget what he did to me. But for what he did to that poor soldier, he deserves to rot forever,” she said.

“He didn’t take my life, but he did take part of my soul.

“I want him to know that I was finally brave enough to stand up to him. Only then will I be able to really bury him in my past.”


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