Ricciardo told to remove weight

Ricciardo will have to remove dual kilos forward of subsequent season.

Ricciardo will have to remove dual kilos forward of subsequent season.
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TRAINING will continue in aspiring for Australia’s Daniel Ricciardo, who has been told to strew a integrate some-more kilos forward of subsequent year’s Formula 1 season.

He is one of several already-thin drivers carrying to remove some-more weight interjection to a sport’s new technical regulations, set to be introduced subsequent year.

This year’s V8 engines will be transposed by turbocharged V6 units, heavier than their predecessors interjection to a combined hardware indispensable by a new motors.

However, that reduces a domain for a motorist underneath a sport’s smallest weight regulations, that take into comment both a automobile and a pilot.

Ricciardo, one of a taller drivers in a F1 margin during 1.75 metres, tips a beam in a mid-60 kilogram range.

But he will be looking to corner that down to a low-60s by a time contrast of Red Bull’s new RB10 starts in January.

“Compared to where we am now, we need to remove a integrate some-more kilos,” Ricciardo told Brazil’s Totalrace. “That’s my goal.”

The emanate of motorist weight has turn increasingly contentious, with taller drivers carrying to stay ultra-lean in office of additional speed: each 5 additional kilograms costs a motorist roughly 0.2 seconds per lap.

“Haven’t eaten for final 5 years! Minimum weight has been too low for ages,” a now-retired Mark Webber tweeted progressing this season.

Webber, whom Ricciardo replaces during Red Bull, stands during 1.83m and weighs in during 75 kilograms.

With a flesh drivers need to withstand a aria of pulling an F1 automobile for adult to dual hours during a time holding adult a lot of their weight, that doesn’t leave room for most else.

Several F1 teams are now pulling for a smallest weight of automobile and motorist to be increasing by 10kg to 700 for 2015.

“I consider it should be changed,” Red Bull’s technical guru Adrian Newey told Autosport.

“All teams bar one did opinion for that weight extent to be increasing and it has to be unanimous – though there was one group that objected to it.”

The theme is set to be a hotly debated theme during a F1 Strategy Group assembly subsequent week, where a teams plead their thoughts on a destiny instruction of a sport.

For his part, Ricciardo doesn’t design losing a weight to be difficult, citing a competitors in his other favourite competition as inspiration.

“It’s not a problem. we like examination UFC (ultimate fighting championship) and those guys remove 8 kilos in a week or something when it gets tighten to a fight.

“Two kilos in 4 months will be easy.”

Ricciardo is set to make his initial central coming as a Red Bull motorist when he gives their uncover automobile a spin in Sri Lanka subsequent week.


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