Qantas pilots grouchy over new uniform rules

Qantas says prolonged moustaches are a thing of a past for a pilots.

THE excellence days are over for handlebar moustaches, during slightest as distant as Qantas is concerned. The airline has released a manual on how organisation should wear their new uniforms from today, and pilots aren’t happy.

A small bit of facial foam is permitted, though a discipline state a outline of a top mouth contingency be visible. “Long moustaches, such as handlebar, horseshoe (or ‘trucker’) and identical styles are unacceptable,” a rulebook states. Sideburns should not go next a earlobe

Qantas pilots are compulsory to wear their full uniform, including buttoned-up jackets, hats, epaulettes and wings on their approach to and from a airport. They’re usually authorised to remove a coupler if a heat is above 27C, or they’re operative in a tropics.

Beards were all a fury for these Qantas pilots, photographed in 1977.

Beards were all a fury for these Qantas pilots, photographed in 1977.Source:Supplied

“The white top is ostensible to take us behind to a days of drifting boats though it’s 2016, not a 1940s. We don’t fly drifting boats, we fly aeroplanes,” one commander told a Sydney Morning Herald. “They don’t call it a uniform, they call it a costume. Everyone has got a shits that they are perplexing to make us wear this stuff.”

Backpacks, nipping gum, and celebration ethanol while in uniform, or smoking in perspective of a open are also banned. Only females are authorised to wear earrings, that should be plain pearl, silver, bullion or solid studs. Make-up contingency “look healthy and mix with a uniform”, and a discipline privately state “brightly phony or sparkly eyeshadow should not be worn”.

The discipline are designed to defend a airlines devoted image.

The discipline are designed to defend a airline’s devoted image.Source:Supplied

The manners are designed to defend their picture as a “trusted, gifted envoy of a Qantas brand”.

Chief commander Richard Tobiano pronounced in a matter that standards were really critical when it came to uniforms.

“I know that a pilots are really unapproachable and feel absolved to fly for Qantas and to wear a uniform, that not usually looks illusory though also pays reverence to a story of a airline and profession,” he said.

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