Police examine UK links to Magnitsky money

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Sergei Magnitsky died in jail while available trial

Police are questioning how £6.6m from a Russian organized crime organisation has been allegedly traced to a banking organisation in a UK, a BBC has learned.

US justice papers have related some of a supposed “Magnitsky money” – a £150m taxation rascal intrigue in Russia – to Renaissance Capital.

The information has been handed to military by Hermitage Capital, a strange plant of a Russian fraud.

City of London Police contend an active review is underneath way.

Sergei Magnitsky was an auditor during a Moscow law organisation when he detected what he pronounced was a large rascal by Russian taxation officials and military officers.

After stating a purported burglary of $230m (£150m) to a authorities, he was himself incarcerated in 2008 on guess of helping taxation semblance and died in control in Nov 2009.

He acted as a authorised confidant for London-based Hermitage Capital Management (HCM), where colleagues insist a box opposite him was built to make him hindrance his investigations.

Despite his genocide Russian prosecutors motionless to put him on hearing – a box discharged as a “circus” by his family and by HCM owner Bill Browder, who was himself attempted in absentia.

The US Justice Department highlighted a UK tie to suspected unlawful supports after questioning how deduction of a Russian taxation rascal were allegedly laundered into oppulance apartments in New York.

US justice documents, seen by a BBC, uncover purported handle transfers from a Russian organized crime organisation going into a UK bank comment of Renaissance Capital – a Russian investment banking firm, that has offices in London.

The US review led to $6m being recovered by a New York district attorney.

The files given to British military prominence a array of “money laundering red flags” over Renaissance Capital’s activities, nonetheless a US authorities have not suggested Renaissance played a purpose in, or were wakeful of, a strange Russian taxation fraud.

Renaissance Capital has been contacted by a BBC though has not supposing a response.

‘Dirty money’

Mr Browder, who has campaigned for authorities to examine where a Magnitsky income went, and who benefitted from a fraud, says a outcome in a US should now prompt UK authorities to act.

“This should uncover other law coercion agencies around a universe that this is a plain box that leads to large financial recoveries and it’s inestimable to pursue,” he said.

“It should uncover a City of London Police that a information led to a poignant financial liberation for a US and there is a clever evidence for them to persevere resources to quarrel a most incomparable probable find of income laundering in a UK.”

The US attorney’s bureau of New York pronounced a organized Russian crime group, along with hurtful Russian supervision officials, “engaged in a extended settlement of income laundering in sequence to disguise a deduction of a rascal scheme”.

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Mr Browder says a outcome in America should now prompt UK authorities to act

It pronounced in a formidable array of transfers by bombard corporations, a $230m from a Russian book was laundered into countless accounts in Russia and other countries.

Mr Browder and other anti-corruption campaigners have urged authorities to do some-more to clamp down on suspected “dirty money”.

He pronounced hurtful unfamiliar officials contingency be prevented from enjoying intemperate lifestyles in places like London and New York with a suspected deduction of crime.

“It’s a frightful thing for a Russian supervision to see that their income is not protected in a West,” he said.

A new Criminal Finances Bill was upheld in a UK in Apr 2017 giving authorities stronger powers to solidify resources where suspected unlawful resources is issuing into a UK.

Duncan Hames from debate organisation Transparency International pronounced it was now time for authorities to “turn adult a heat”.

“The strongest laws are usually paper but a genuine joining to make them. We are looking to a military to actively examine income laundering and it is critical they are scrupulously resourced to do so.”

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