Pies house accepts McGuire apology

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Collingwood President and Triple M radio celebrity Eddie McGuire has apologised for comments finished on Triple M’s Queen’s Birthday match-day broadcast.

Collingwood trainer Eddie McGuire has been tackled by his possess board.

LATEST: EDDIE McGuire has a subsidy of a Collingwood house to sojourn trainer after usurpation his reparation for his bomb radio comments about Caroline Wilson.

“The house supposed Eddie McGuire’s above-board reparation for inapt on-air comments he finished final week. It also voiced a finish and ongoing support for his position as president. The house and a bar take a matters lifted by these comments seriously,” a bar matter said.

Meanwhile, St Kilda good Danny Frawley has addressed all Saints players and staff to apologize again for fasten a conflict on a distinguished womanlike journalist.

McGuire tonight fronted a Pies board, that reason a scheduled assembly during a Holden Centre. The house final night expelled a matter condemning aroused denunciation opposite women “even in humour”, to explain a outcry over his fun about drowning Wilson.

Collingwood Board member Alisa Camplin arrives during a Holden Centre. Picture: Tim Carrafa

Collingwood Board member Alisa Camplin arrives during a Holden Centre. Picture: Tim CarrafaSource:News Corp Australia

Also on Tuesday afternoon, Frawley fronted a full auditorium during St Kilda’s domicile to demonstrate his bewail for his “terrible joke” on Queen’s Birthday.

“I have discussed what we pronounced on radio with my 3 daughters, my mother and my 82-year-old silent given it has unequivocally influenced me and we wanted to know it,” Frawley said.

“If those comments about Caroline were finished about one of my daughters, it would make a hairs on a behind of my neck mount adult — we wouldn’t have favourite it during all.

“To anyone who is saying, ‘Lighten up, it’s usually a joke’ they need to know that what we contend matters and jokes like this about women are simply not on.”

Part-time partner manager Danny Frawley during St Kilda training. Picture:Wayne Ludbey

Part-time partner manager Danny Frawley during St Kilda training. Picture:Wayne LudbeySource:News Corp Australia

Earlier, McGuire pronounced Holden is entitled to examination their sponsorship after his radio conflict on Caroline Wilson, though he’s propelling a vehicle hulk to hang with a club.

The vehicle hulk expelled a matter late final night dogmatic it will be assembly with a bar to plead a destiny of a understanding between a dual parties.

But a Magpies’ other premier partners — CGU Insurance and La Trobe Financial — announced they won’t travel divided from a bar notwithstanding expressing “disappointment” to a bar over McGuire’s comments.

Collingwood and Holden sealed a multi-million dollar understanding in 2013 before recommitting to an agreement final year until a finish of 2018 that enclosed fixing rights to a club’s Melbourne Park patrol headquarters.

The sponsorship understanding is value $3 million per year.


Eddie McGuire arrives for work this morning during a Triple M studio in South Melbourne. Picture: Nicole Garmston

Eddie McGuire arrives for work this morning during a Triple M studio in South Melbourne. Picture: Nicole GarmstonSource:News Corp Australia

“Holden unequivocally disapproves of Eddie McGuire’s inapt comments, along with those of his co-hosts,” Holden pronounced in a statement.

“Holden is enchanting with Collingwood to directly demonstrate a beating and plead a destiny of a sponsorship.”

McGuire pronounced on Tuesday morning that a vehicle hulk is some-more than entitled to cruise a options.

“They’re some-more than entitled to do that, and so they should,” he pronounced on Triple M.

“They’re a critical vehicle attention actor – a critical attention in a multitude — and they should examination that.

“I wish that they stay with us for a elementary reason that a Holden Centre is such a smashing village centre and we’ll speak by with Holden and hopefully get a fortitude on that. we wish they stay, though they’re some-more than entitled to check their position. They put their name to a bar and hopefully we can work by a situation.

“(The Holden Centre) is a centrepiece for a Collingwood Football Club women’s team, a netball group and it’s partial of Melbourne. we wish that they see a advantage of that going forward.”

A CGU orator said: “CGU’s sponsorship is with a Collingwood football bar and a players, not individuals, and while there will be no changes to a sponsorship arrangement, we have oral to a bar to demonstrate a disappointment,” a orator said.

La Trobe tweeted that it “does not acquit a comments finished by (James) Brayshaw, (Danny) Frawley McGuire have contacted Collingwood to demonstrate a disappointment”.

The Herald Sun is available a response from a club’s fourth premier partner, Emirates Airline, about either it will examination a arrangements with a club.

Collingwood sensationally smacked down a possess trainer on Monday night over his radio conflict on a womanlike football writer.




As fallout from a botched Triple M shred intensified, a Magpies expelled a matter on Monday night censuring their 18-year supremo.

“The unequivocally transparent perspective of a house of Collingwood is that there is no place in a village for a support of aroused poise or language, even in humour,” a bar matter said.

McGuire and North Melbourne authority James Brayshaw transient AFL permit for “disparaging” Wilson in a pre-game sell on Queen’s Birthday, notwithstanding a severe reprove from joining arch executive Gillon McLachlan.

Wilson pronounced on Monday night she has supposed a apologies of McGuire, Brayshaw and Danny Frawley and has been in hit with a latter though has not had a call from a North Melbourne president.

“I accept their apologies,” Wilson pronounced on Footy Classified. “Danny called me yesterday and has been in reason with me today.

“James hasn’t called me. Ed left me a summary yesterday to call him though during that indicate he was austere he wasn’t going to apologize and relayed that summary to people we know.

“To be honest, we didn’t call him behind final night.

“He’s unequivocally altered his balance (in a final 24 hours), he’s had a few cracks during it and he’s finally got there tonight. It’s taken him time though to his credit, we consider what he pronounced tonight was positively excusable and we conclude that he’s finished it.

Wilson pronounced was unhappy and initial listened of a comments final Monday and believes there was “venom” in a remarks.

Eddie McGuire, after holding his MND ice bath final Monday, has apologised for joking about drowning Caroline Wilson. Picture: AAP

Eddie McGuire, after holding his MND ice bath final Monday, has apologised for joking about drowning Caroline Wilson. Picture: AAPSource:AAP

“I was unhappy in a comments, we listened about them final Monday, listened them in their entirety Tuesday, was flattering unhappy and dissapoint I’ve got to contend during what was said.

“I’m contemptible that people who listen to Triple M and who were there during a time didn’t consider they were as bad as we consider they were (but) I’m unequivocally speedy that a responses happened currently and that maybe some good will come out of this.

“I suspicion it was vicious, we suspicion there was venom — we did consider that there was some venom in a approach Eddie spoke about it. we don’t consider that is a way, clearly now Eddie seems to finally, from what we’re hearing, know that that’s not a approach we take on a censor of your performance. Absolutely not and totally unacceptable.

“It’s so easy to get sucked into this infrequent speak and not realize when you’re detached of it, even if you’re usually on a sidelines, that it’s wrong.”

Wilson also pronounced she believes there was a bullying component to a remarks.

“That Triple M squad use difference like, and in a past they’ve called me ‘the redolence scorpion’,” she said.

“They’ve pronounced worse things that we usually don’t wish to even plead on radio given we don’t like them. They’re not swear words.

“The other day it was ‘the black widow’. I’m sorry, that is usually sexist crap. we usually don’t like that during all.”

McLachlan pronounced their apologies for joking about drowning Wilson were an suitable resolution.

“The women that I’m listening to and a women I’ve been vocalization to feel that a reparation was legitimate and acceptable,” McLachlan said.

“In a past we competence have usually abandoned a comments as partial of a enlightenment of footy. We competence have pronounced that ‘Caro’ is tough and resilient. Well, it’s not good enough.

“We can’t contend that we as an attention are committed to heading change if we don’t step adult and call it out.”

McGuire, who will front a Magpies house assembly on Tuesday night, insisted there was no malice in a exchange.

In a uninformed matter on Monday night, he pronounced he would make a “personal contribution’’ to a Luke Batty Foundation.

“In a final 24 hours, and quite given this morning, I’ve seen a impact of a comments on her (Wilson),” McGuire said.

“No chairman should ever feel nervous or threatened in football’s family. For that, we am deeply contemptible and we apologize unreservedly to Caroline for putting her in that position.

“I am unequivocally unhappy that we finished remarks that are during contingency with my views on a place of women in complicated Australia.”





Brayshaw waited until his possess Triple M uncover aired during 3pm on Monday to apologize “unreservedly” to Wilson.

And St Kilda rebuked partner manager and All-Australian selector Danny Frawley for joking about holding Wilson’s conduct underwater.


McGuire apologised on TV and radio as plead raged about his destiny as Pies boss.

He said: “At a time when we am so looking brazen to being trainer of 3 women’s sporting clubs — Collingwood women’s football, Collingwood netball, and a Melbourne Stars women’s cricket bar — it is critical to uncover care on this issue. That includes being means to acknowledge we are wrong and peaceful to learn.”

Brayshaw said: “I was partial of an on-air review … where things were pronounced that were both inapt and unacceptable, and for that we offer my sincere, above-board and utter apology.

James Brayshaw leaves a Triple M studios. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

James Brayshaw leaves a Triple M studios. Picture: Jake NowakowskiSource:News Corp Australia

“Respect for women and their purpose in football, and indeed in a society, is of critical significance and as leaders we need to be very, unequivocally wakeful of this. We let ourselves down … we know Ed and Danny have already apologised and it is positively suitable that we do, too.”

Labor personality Bill Shorten was to have seemed on McGuire’s uncover though pulled out over a furore, saying: “I wish infrequently that people would consider about what they are going to contend before they contend it. Those comments are not acceptable.”

Premier Daniel Andrews said: “When we contend a wrong thing we should apologise, and we know Eddie McGuire has finished that.’’

McLachlan denied that in a phone call on Sunday he had systematic McGuire to apologize or renounce as Collingwood president.

“I know that a group who finished these comments feel frightened that they could be construed as formulating an sourroundings that creates sexist behaviours or a enlightenment of assault opposite women some-more acceptable,” McLachlan said.

“But a law is, these kind of comments do. The statistics and information contend so.”

McGuire pronounced Collingwood fable Tony Shaw had finished a identical fun about Wilson on 3AW.

But a rarely romantic Shaw pronounced he had zero to apologize for.

“I don’t consider we should (apologise) given we don’t consider I’ve finished anything wrong,” he said.

“I’m not going to patrolman this one, don’t worry about that.”

Shaw pronounced he feared for his repute and fought behind tears when he was quizzed about his comments to Wilson during a face-to-face sell on radio.

The Magpies’ good pronounced on radio “plenty of people” wanted to see Wilson go down a ‘Big Freeze’ slip to lift income for investigate into engine neurone disease.

He added: “and reason her underneath (water)”.

Wilson replied: “Oh boys” before a hire went to an ad break.

An romantic Shaw pronounced a criticism had been pronounced in jokingly and was austere that Wilson did not take offence

“She (Wilson) was usually dual metres divided and it was a finish of her shift, and she patted me on a behind and pronounced “See we later,” Shaw pronounced on 3AW.

“I’ve worked with Caro for 12 years, look, it’s a humorous one. Reputation wise, I’m not happy.

“Any time anything has been mentioned about assault to women, I’ve come out and pronounced ‘you are a doormat if we reason a woman’.”

St Kilda, that will accommodate Frawley to plead his “cringe-worthy” comments, pronounced in a statement: “The comments were inappropriate, cringe-worthy and could hardly be some-more in contrariety with a bar values.

“We called Danny as shortly as we schooled about a comments to demonstrate a views and will accommodate with him during a week to plead how damaging these comments are.

“Danny has now publicly apologised — and privately called Caroline to apologize — and clearly regrets his comments.”

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