Pastor defrocked for son’s happy wedding

Pastor on hearing over son's happy marriage

Kicked out…Rev Frank Schaefer, right, and his son Tim. Schaefer has been defrocked for officiating during Tim’s marriage to another man. Picture: AP
Source: AP

UNITED Methodist church officials defrocked a US priest who officiated his son’s happy wedding.

The Rev. Frank Schaefer, of Pennsylvania, had already been dangling when he met with church officials to establish either he would continue as a pastor.

Schaefer had been told to renounce from a preaching by Thursday if he could not follow a denomination’s Book of Discipline.

But Schaefer has pronounced a book discriminates opposite happy people and vowed this week that he would not willingly obey his credentials.

Church orator John Coleman pronounced that officials motionless to defrock him.

Schaefer left a brief assembly with church officials though commenting though designed to residence a matter after Thursday.

Earlier this week, Schaefer pronounced he would challenge a eremite sequence to obey his certification for behaving a same-sex wedding.

“I am actively committing to carrying those discriminatory laws altered and outcast from a Book of Discipline,” Schaefer said.

“That’s a usually approach we can determine being a United Methodist during this point.”

Schaefer was portion a 30-day cessation for officiating a 2007 marriage of his happy son in Massachusetts, where same-sex unions are legal. Although a Methodist church accepts happy and lesbian members, it rejects a use of homosexuality as “incompatible with Christian teaching.”

Jurors who convicted Schaefer in a church hearing final month pronounced he should use a cessation time to confirm either he could follow church doctrine. They systematic him to renounce from a preaching if he could not.

Schaefer gave his answer publicly Monday during a news discussion during Arch Street United Methodist Church in Philadelphia, surrounded by dozens of sensitive ministers and laity.

“I can't willingly obey my certification since we am a voice now for many – for tens of thousands – of LGBT members in a church,” he pronounced then.


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