New jumper numbers during your club

Bulldog recruits with their new jumpers (from left) Mitch Honeychurch, Marcus Bontempelli, Stewart Crameri, Sam Darley and Ma...

Bulldog recruits with their new jumpers (from left) Mitch Honeychurch, Marcus Bontempelli, Stewart Crameri, Sam Darley and Matt Fuller.
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The Crows have a clarity of family, handing former Blue Eddie Betts a No. 18 ragged with eminence by his second cousin Graeme Johncock. Betts has changed one series adult a order, observant goodbye to a No. 19 he wore for 184 games during Carlton.

“Stiffy (Johncock) sent me a content a integrate of weeks ago saying, ‘If we come to Adelaide, ask for a No. 18 and we’ll keep it in a family’,” Betts told a Crows’ website.

“I asked a bar about wearing a No. 19, actually, and they pronounced it was a fans’ number. we said, ‘That’s all right, a fans can keep their number’. I’m happy with whatever we get.”

James Podsiadly has changed from No. 31 during Geelong to No. 1 during his new club, while Sam Kerridge has been promoted from No. 29 to No. 17. Rory Laird, before No. 46, gets Kerridge’s aged guernsey.

The Crows’ tip breeze collect Matt Crouch has been handed No. 44 while associate recruits James Battersby (43), Alex Spina (46) and Jake Kelly (47) will all start their careers in a 40s.

Eddie Betts feels a feverishness during Crows training. Picture: Sarah Reed

Eddie Betts feels a feverishness during Crows training. Picture: Sarah Reed
Source: News Limited


The Lions had copiousness of empty numbers after a club’s post-season exodus and have been discerning to fill them.

Former Tiger Luke McGuane will wear No. 1 subsequent deteriorate (last ragged by Sam Docherty), gun teen James Aish has been handed Jared Polec’s aged No. 4, Tom Cutler gets Elliot Yeo’s aged No. 26 and Lewis Taylor will wear Pat Karnezis’s aged No. 28.

Other arrivals embody Trent West (No. 13), Daniel McStay (No. 25), Darcy Gardiner (No. 27), Jackson Paine (No. 39) and draftee Nick Robertson, who has a No. 18 final ragged by Todd Banfield.

The No. 20 done famous by late champ Simon Black has been set aside for subsequent year.

Take a demeanour behind during a 2013 AFL deteriorate by a eyes of Australia’s best photographers.


Dale Thomas‘s desertion from Collingwood has landed him a new jumper number, and a new Twitter handle. The aged @DT – 13 is out, transposed by @DThomas – 39.

Carlton’s No. 13 Chris Yarran apparently wasn’t penetrating to give it adult – Adrejs Everitt was also No. 13 during his former bar (Sydney), though he’ll wear No. 33 during Visy Park.

Former Lion Sam Docherty has picked adult a No. 15 ragged final deteriorate by Jeremy Laidler.


The Magpies have rewarded some of their rising stars with large promotions adult a jumper order. Sam Dwyer leaps from No. 41 to No. 2, Brodie Grundy jumps from No. 35 to No. 4 (last ragged by Alan Didak) and Ben Kennedy showed adequate in 12 games to pierce from No. 27 to No. 7 (previously owned by Andrew Krakouer).

The No. 18 ragged by Darren Jolly before his disorderly depart has been handed to another former Swan Jesse White, and ex-Giant Taylor Adams will have a lot of new fans after being given a No. 13 locker final used by Dale Thomas.

Tony Armstrong will wear a No. 27 vacated by Kennedy and ex-Lion Pat Karnezis has picked adult a No. 33 left by Jackson Paine when he changed to Brisbane.

The Pies’ span of tip 10 breeze picks Matt Sharenberg and Nathan Freeman will wear numbers 35 and 39 respectively.

Collingwood recruits (from left) Patrick Karnezis, Jesse White and Taylor Adams. Picture: Wayne Ludbey

Collingwood recruits (from left) Patrick Karnezis, Jesse White and Taylor Adams. Picture: Wayne Ludbey
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The Bombers have squandered no time cashing in on partisan Paul Chapman, charity a sealed No. 3 guernsey as a esteem in a website competition. Chappy hasn’t indeed ragged a series in conflict yet, though a former Cats No. 35 is looking brazen to holding a guernsey final ragged by Scott Gumbleton and done famous during Windy Hill by bar fable Dick Reynolds.

“It’s something different, a uninformed start, new colours and a new number,” Chapman told a Essendon website. “I’m only unequivocally looking brazen to a event of personification in a No.3.”

In other jumper news, Mark Baguley has been promoted from No. 46 to No. 12, Corey Dell’olio takes over a No. 29 formerly ragged by Alwyn Davey and former Giant Shane Edwards gets a No. 19 vacated by timid ruckman David Hille.

Kurt Aylett (43), Johnny Rayner (45), Orazio Fantasia (46) and Patrick Ambrose (47) will all have to acquire their stripes.

Paul Chapman in his new colours. Picture: Michael Klein

Paul Chapman in his new colours. Picture: Michael Klein
Source: News Limited


Colin Sylvia has given adult a No. 12 he wore for 10 seasons as a Demon to be No. 4 during a Dockers. Scott Gumbleton will have No. 19 on his behind and Matt Taberner gets a No. 20 final ragged by new Demon Viv Michie.

Alex Pearce (25), Brady Grey (28), Michael Apeness (35) and Michael Wood (42) have all been allocated their lockers for subsequent season.


No vigour on a Cats’ organisation of draftees, with a club’s tip 3 picks carrying a total 725 games’ value of knowledge on their backs subsequent season.

Tasmanian Jake Kolodjashnij has been given No. 8 (last ragged by 198-game maestro Josh Hunt), tip breeze collect Darcy Lang will wear No. 11 (vacated by 276-game champ Joel Corey) and Jarrad Jansen has No. 35 (made famous in 251 games by Paul Chapman).

“Certainly some large boots to fill, though we cruise I’m adult to it,” Jansen pronounced of his new number.

“I cruise myself to be flattering tough during it and team-oriented, so I’ll go into this year and see if we can start stuffing his shoes.”

Lang pronounced holding Corey’s No. 11 was “a large honour”.

Meanwhile, Jesse Stringer has been promoted from No. 41 to Trent West’s aged No. 12 and George Burbury has jumped from No. 43 to a No. 31 vacated by James Podsiadly.

Geelong draftees (from left) Jake Kolodjashni, Darcy Lang and Jarrad Jansen try out their new numbers.

Geelong draftees (from left) Jake Kolodjashni, Darcy Lang and Jarrad Jansen try out their new numbers.
Source: News Limited


Rising Star Award favourite Jack Martin contingency be good – he has already won a jumper graduation notwithstanding not personification an AFL game. Martin was No. 28 during a Suns final year, when he was authorised to play in a NEAFL as a 17-year-old, though will wear No. 4 in his AFL debut.

His former series has been taken by No. 5 breeze collect Kade Kolodjashnij, and in other moves Timmy Sumner jumps from No. 39 to No. 3 (last ragged by Jared Brennan), Andrew Boston takes over No. 13 after wearing No. 40 in his entrance season, and draftees Jack Leslie, Louis Herbert, Sean Lemmens and Jarred Ellis will wear numbers 38, 39, 40 and 43 respectively.


The Giants are nonetheless to announce their numbers for 2014.


Tim O’Brien is unexpected one of a Hawks’ many renouned players, going by a numbers on fans’ backs. The immature South Australian has taken over No. 23 ragged by Lance Franklin before his desertion to Sydney – and formerly ragged by bar greats Dermott Brereton and Don Scott.

The Hawks have had a vital jumper reshuffle, with former Saint Ben McEvoy holding a No. 7 vacated by a late Michael Osborne, Taylor Duryea handed a No. 8 final ragged by Xavier Ellis and Ben Ross alighting a No. 21 left behind by Shane Savage.

Top breeze collect Billy Hartung will start his AFL career wearing No. 40 (worn final year by O’Brien) and Tom Sicily (41), Dayle Garlett (44), Zac Webster (45), Kurt Heatherley (46) and Shem Tetapu (47) are also in a 40s.

Dandenong Stingrays winger Billy Hartung’s speed and continuation should see him comparison in a initial turn of a 2013 AFL draft, with St Kilda and Fremantle display clever interest.


Another bar with copiousness of uninformed faces, and new numbers, for deteriorate 2014. And a Demons don’t allow to a truth of creation kids acquire a low guernsey number.

Star youth midfielder Chistian Salem has been given No. 3, former Giant Dom Tyson will wear Colin Sylvia’s aged No. 12, ex-Bulldog Daniel Cross has No. 18 and former Crow Bernie Vince will have No. 23 on his behind subsequent year.

Former Docker Viv Michie has been handed No. 22 and draftees Jay Kennedy-Harris and Jayden Hunt have 24 and 29 respectively.

Boom brazen Jesse Hogan will join an chosen bar of players to wear No. 1 in their AFL debut.

New Demons Bernie Vince (left) and Daniel Cross.

New Demons Bernie Vince (left) and Daniel Cross.
Source: Getty Images


Nick Dal Santo done No. 26 famous during St Kilda, though he will make a uninformed start during a Kangaroos in a uninformed series – a No. 15 vacated by Luke Delaney, who suitably is now a Saint.

Father-son gun Luke McDonald will wear No. 21 subsequent season, while South Australian midfielder Trent Dumont starts his AFL career in No. 14.

Former Tiger Robin Nahas has been handed No. 28, Mitchell Wilkins has No. 33, Joel Tippett will wear No. 36 in his third moment during a AFL (after stints on a Brisbane and Gold Coast lists) and Kayne Turner has No. 40.

Nick Dal Santo settles into his new home during Arden St. Picture: Wayne Ludbey

Nick Dal Santo settles into his new home during Arden St. Picture: Wayne Ludbey
Source: News Limited


Port fought tooth and spike to get Jared Polec to a club, and if we wish to follow his swell demeanour for No. 21 subsequent season.

Former Tiger Matt White has been handed No. 19, tip breeze collect Jarman Impey will wear No. 24, Mitch Harvey gets No. 33 and Darcy Byrne-Jones is in No. 33.

Karl Amon will have to acquire his stripes in No. 43 while rookies Sam Gray and Sam Russell will wear numbers 46 and 47 respectively.

Port Adelaide Recruit Jared Polec during Pinky Flat (Simon Cross)

Port Adelaide Recruit Jared Polec during Pinky Flat (Simon Cross)
Source: News Limited


Shaun Hampson clearly wanted a purify line-up when he left Carlton. The No. 22 he wore during a Blues was empty during Tigerland though Hampson has taken a No. 16 vacated by Luke McGuane.

No. 22, ragged final year during Richmond by Sam Lonergan, has been snapped adult by former Lion Todd Banfield, while former Port Adelaide tough bulb Matt Thomas has been given Robin Nahas’s aged No. 26.

Top breeze collect Ben Lennon will wear No. 35 as a Tiger after a guernsey was vacated by Matt White, and former Sydney brazen Nathan Gordon gets a No. 39 ragged in dual comparison games by Tom Derickx, now during a Swans.

Mature-age partisan Sam Lloyd will have No. 42 on his behind in 2014.

Ben Lennon will wish his razor pointy right foot will be a disproportion over his associate AFL hopefuls during this year’s National Draft.


Saints fans, get a pen. Write these down and keep a square of paper handy, we will need it when a new-look St Kilda group runs out in 2014.

Gone are Stephen Milne, Justin Koschitzke, Jason Blake, Nick Dal Santo and Ben McEvoy, transposed by a horde of new faces.

Former Hawk Shane Savage will wear McEvoy’s aged No. 5, Spencer White gets Kosi’s aged No. 23, Tom Curren has been promoted to a No. 26 done famous by Dal Santo and Josh Bruce inherits a No. 27 ragged by fan favourite Blake, while Milne’s aged No. 44 has been handed to former Gold Coast midfielder Maverick Weller.

Top breeze collect Jack Billings will wear No. 15, former Lion Billy Longer has No. 18 and a man in No. 21 is former Kangaroo Luke Delaney.

And that’s not all. Other new arrivals embody Luke Dunstan (No. 36), Blake Acres (40), Eli Templeton (41), US basketballer Jason Holmes (45) and associate general grant holder, Kiwi Joe Baker-Thomas (46).

Lance Franklin will keep his No. 23 during a Swans. Picture: Phil Hillyard

Lance Franklin will keep his No. 23 during a Swans. Picture: Phil Hillyard
Source: News Limited


Move over Jordan Lockyer, Buddy’s in town.

Lance Franklin leaned on a little-known Swan to give adult his No. 23 so a $10 million partisan could keep a series he wore during Hawthorn – for luck.

Franklin put a certain spin on Lockyer’s pierce to No. 18, that he wore as a junior.

“I’m super vehement to wear a series 23, Franklin told a club’s website. “I wore it for a series of years during Hawthorn, so to get a series here during Sydney is something that I’m looking brazen to wearing.

“He is starting again with No. 18, that is good for him.

“It’s about only removing on a list or personification a game, your jumper series doesn’t matter as prolonged as you’re personification football for a Sydney Swans.”

Sydney’s tip breeze collect Zac Jones will wear No. 10 subsequent season, former Blue Jeremy Laidler has No. 11 and Tasmanian ruckman Toby Nankervis has No. 13.

Former Tiger Tom Derickx will wear No. 19 in red and white, draftee George Hewett has No. 29, former Sudanese interloper Aliir Aliir has No. 36 and academy gun Lloyd Peris will have No. 41 on his back.

Former US basketballer Patrick Harris has been given No. 45.


The Eagles have squandered no time giving a new life to famous jumpers.

Dom Sheed inherits Daniel Kerr’s aged No. 4, Elliot Yeo will wear a No. 6 final ragged by Mark Nicoski and promoted rookie Simon Tunbridge moves from No. 46 to a No. 32 ragged with eminence by Norm Smith medallist Andrew Embley.

Former Hawk Xavier Ellis will wear No. 18 as an Eagle, Tom Barrass gets a No. 37 final ragged by Adam Selwood – now a growth manager during a bar – Malcolm Karpany has No. 39 and Dylan Main has No. 40.

New rookies Will Maginness and Rowen Powell will wear numbers 41 and 43 respectively.

Northern Knights midfielder Marcus Bontempelli will wish his shining finish to a 2013 AFL deteriorate will be rewarded with a tip 10 collect in this year’s National Draft.


The No. 4 breeze collect will wear No. 4 after a Bulldogs handed Marcus Bontempelli a jumper final ragged by maestro Daniel Cross.

Former Bomber Stewart Crameri gets a No. 8 vacated delisted brazen Patrick Veszpremi.

Former Giant Sam Darley has No. 33 on his behind and breeze picks Mitch Honeychurch and Matt Fuller will wear numbers 22 and 36.


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