Motorists during risk from record book delays

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Drivers of “nearly new” cars are being put during risk of shabby word and violation a law since some engine traders are maintaining record books.

V5C record books record a car’s “registered keeper”.

However, in some cases they are not being updated for several months after cars are sold, a BBC review has found.

Some dealers keep a papers to assistance them validate for vast discounts from automobile manufacturers.

The National Franchised Dealers Association report a commentary as “concerning” and contend bonuses related to sales competence “incentivise” a activity.

Small print

The cars influenced are “pre-registered,” additional batch sole low by manufacturers to dealers.

They contingency legally be kept off-road for 90 days before being re-sold. The delays can be even longer if a automobile was creatively purebred by a tradesman as a business swift vehicle.

However, in some cases a cars are delivered to new buyers immediately, while a vehicles sojourn purebred during a apart address, an review by BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours has found.

Many of a cars are sole on by online automobile brokers. They ordinarily divulge a disadvantages in their terms and conditions, explaining that a vehicles will be purebred to business “in due course”.

However, many business destroy to review a tiny imitation and some humour a consequences.

“I couldn’t expostulate a automobile since it had been announced off-road”, pronounced customer Andrew March. “The automobile record book had been funded so we couldn’t re-tax it.”

After seeking regularly for his logbook, engineer James Laddie practical to a DVLA for a new one.

The three-month check valid expensive: “The legislature would not send a aged parking assent to a new automobile though explanation of ownership. The total cost of parking tickets was about £200.”

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Awkward position

Experts highlight that there can be potentially some-more critical consequences of a motorist and their automobile being purebred to opposite addresses.

For example, military speed camera fines are sent to a postal residence related around DVLA annals to a car’s registration plate.

One motorist who spoke to You and Yours lived in London while his automobile remained purebred for several months in Bolton.

Insurance companies also need drivers to divulge both a owners and a purebred screw of a vehicle.

Roy Rodger, an consultant on word law who has lerned underwriters, warns that drivers’ difficulty over funded record books could lead to dear mistakes.

“In a conditions where a motorist misled a word association over registration sum and a critical collision occurred, a motorist could be in a very, unequivocally ungainly position.

“They could have to compensate a explain out of their possess slot eventually,” he said.

The Association of British Insurers told You and Yours it was not wakeful of any cases where this had happened, though combined that drivers should surprise engine insurers if they are not a purebred keeper.


The use of record books being defended by third celebration suppliers was highlighted in a 2012 justice box brought opposite a aspirant by online automobile attorney Richard Sanders, owner of Drive a Deal.

The aspirant had not sufficient warned consumers of a risks involved.

Although Mr Sanders won a case, he says a attention has not been entirely spotless up.

“We motionless to start looking during this since we were unequivocally endangered indeed about a difficulty that some consumers would get themselves into,” he said.

“Unfortunately we consider a use of feeble induction cars on purpose does continue.”

The executive of a National Franchised Dealers Association, Sue Robinson, says she is unequivocally endangered by a findings.

“As dealers are compulsory to keep vehicles for 90 days to validate for some bonuses, that could incentivise this form of activity,” she said.

Autocar editorial director, Jim Holder, says clarity in a automobile attention has softened though problems remain.

“This partial of a attention is feeble regulated and there are still traders out there who omit a rules,” he said.

“It’s not unequivocally a problem that a attention takes severely and it’s unequivocally usually word of mouth and preparation that can stop this.”

You and Yours is on BBC Radio 4 weekdays 12:15-13:00 GMT. Listen online or download a programme podcast.

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