Moose milk? UN says approbation please


Reindeer, camels, llamas and donkeys should be used for divert in a face of rising cow divert prices, a UN says. Picture: AFP
Source: AFP

MILK from a accumulation of animals including camels, llamas and moose should be some-more widely used to negate high cow divert prices due to flourishing direct for dairy in a building world, a UN food group said.

“There is outrageous range for building other dairy species,” pronounced Anthony Bennett, stock attention officer during a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Rome.

In a news co-authored by Mr Bennett expelled on Tuesday, a FAO pronounced that alpaca, donkeys, moose, reindeer and yak could also be milked, alongside other class that are already used for divert like buffalo, goat and sheep.

It pronounced reindeer and moose divert was high in fat and protein and also contained half a lactose found in cow milk, creation it a probable choice source of dairy for people with lactose intolerance.

The news foresee that dairy expenditure in building countries will grow by 25 per cent by 2025 as a outcome of race expansion and rising incomes.

But it pronounced that divert – a essential source of dietary energy, protein and fat – “will expected still be out of strech for a many exposed households”.

“Governments need to residence a emanate by creation nourishment a specific design in dairy zone growth and by investing in programs that assistance bad families keep tiny dairy livestock,” it said.

Dairy cow

Reindeer and moose divert are high in fat and protein and have half a lactose of cow milk.

Alpaca and llama and alpaca tact could yield “a profitable nutritive and mercantile resource” for people in alpine areas of South America, it said.

The FAO forked out that camel divert is already cherished in Ethiopia, Mali and Somalia and mare’s divert is consumed by 30 million people in Russia and Central Asia.


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