Milford: we don’t wish to be a Raider

Just hours after a Raiders announced Anthony Milford would stay in Canberra for 2014, a Brisbane Broncos reliable a gifted teen would be fasten their bar on a 2-year understanding starting in 2015.

BRONCOS partisan Anthony Milford says he has no skeleton to lapse to Canberra, expressing his startle during a press recover that represents a final straw for his career during a Raiders.

Currently holidaying in Samoa, Milford final night spoke out to rebut Canberra’s explain that he will honour a final year of his understanding before relocating to Brisbane in 2015.

The Raiders yesterday expelled a matter “confirming” a Broncos-bound prodigy would news for pre-season training on Dec 16 and see out a 2014 season.

But The Courier-Mail can exhibit Milford has twice told Canberra hierarchy he has no thought of returning, even spurning a three-year, $2.1 million agreement extension.

The 19-year-old insists he was not consulted about Canberra’s central matter in a growth that has driven a poisonous crowd between Milford and a Raiders.

“The approach a Raiders put things out, we was unhappy and repelled that they would do it that way,” Milford said.

Anthony Milford in movement for Samoa.

Anthony Milford in movement for Samoa.
Source: Getty Images

“For them to put out a statement, we never approaching that to come out.

“There was no pronounce of that, we didn’t even know they were going to put out a statement.

“I spoke to Ricky (Stuart, Canberra coach) and Don Furner (CEO) final week and they pronounced they wanted me behind on Dec 16 for pre-season training.

“I haven’t given any guarantees. Now all this has come out … when we get home there will be some conversations going on.

“I’m vehement for 2015 now, my whole family are happy I’ll be in Brisbane.”

In Canberra’s statement, Furner said: “We acknowledge that Anthony has battled homesickness and is really tighten to his family, however we are gratified that he will be personification for a bar in 2014.”

Daily Telegraph rugby joining author Dean Ritchie assimilated FSN to pronounce about Anthony Milford’s agreement saga, that has turn a unsatisfactory trend in a NRL.

Milford has formerly indicated he would lay out a 2014 season, though that is a last-resort scenario.

Money is not an over-riding concern. Milford’s two-year Broncos understanding is value around $450,000 a season, definition he has sacrificed in additional of $1 million to leave Canberra.

“My No.1 thought is to come behind home and demeanour after my parents,” pronounced Milford, who sought to trigger an illness proviso relating to father Halo’s health in August.

“My dad’s health comes first. If anything happened to him while I’m in Canberra, I’d be flattering shitty.

“The income (from Canberra) was massive. It was a outrageous offer for me to stay. But during a finish of a day, this preference isn’t about money.

“That’s because we asked for a recover behind in August. Canberra know how we feel … we have left to a Broncos for a lot reduction money.

“It’s been really tough on my possess in Canberra. I’m on a phone each day to silent and dad. we go to ‘Papa’s’ (Josh Papalii’s) residence as most as we can to feel that clarity of family, afterwards we go home and I’m alone again.”

Anthony Milford says he's told a Raiders he won't be returni...

Anthony Milford says he’s told a Raiders he won’t be returning to Canberra.
Source: Getty Images

Asked if Canberra will force him to return, he said: “I have no idea, I’m flattering certain if we did stay in Brisbane, a Raiders would stop me personification any form of rugby league.”

Milford pronounced he would penchant wearing a Broncos’ No.6 jumper once ragged by his idol, former skipper Darren Lockyer.

“As a immature child we desired examination Locky and have always left for them,” he said.

“The Broncos are a good club. we haven’t played during Suncorp Stadium nonetheless so to make it my home belligerent will be awesome.

“I schooled a few things during fullback during Canberra though if a Broncos wish me to play five-eighth, that’s excellent with me.”


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