Mice in parachutes conflict Guam snakes


Thousands of mice are being forsaken from a sky over Guam in an bid to kill off an invasive tree snake.
Source: ThinkStock

Guam has enlisted doubtful soldiers in a conflict opposite an invasive multiply of snake: 2000 mice, any forsaken by card parachute over a little Pacific Island.

The mice, passed and pumped full of painkillers, were sent down over a Anderson Air Force Base in a US domain in a latest bid to exterminate a brownish-red tree snake, an introduced class obliged for millions of dollars in wildlife and blurb losses, according to KUAM News.

The snakes, that arrived in Guam someday in a 1950s, have already managed to tarry traps, snake-sniffing dogs and snake-hunting inspectors – all seeking to stop a snakes from eating local birds and causing dear energy outages during a bottom by slithering into electric substations.

But a supervision now thinks it might be means to control a infestation by holding advantage of a snakes’ singular attraction to a pain reliever called acetaminophen – delivered around juicy mice.

According US Department of Agriculture central Dan Viceto, low-flying helicopters float over a base’s forested area and dump their bushy payloads on a timed sequence. Each rodent is laced with a microdose of a torpedo drug and strung adult to dual pieces of card and immature hankie paper.

“The card is heavier than a hankie paper and opens adult in an inverted horseshoe,” Mr Viceto. “It afterwards floats down and eventually hangs adult in a timberland canopy. Once it’s hung in a timberland canopy, snakes have an event to devour a bait.”

Some of a mice are even propitious with little data-transmitting radios to draft how effective a atmosphere conflict has been.


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