IS ‘kneaded kids in bread machines’

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Civilians from villages surrounding Mosul were evacuated divided from a frontlines, as Iraqi army continued their operations to retake a city. Some families were reunited in a interloper stay after some-more than dual years apart. Photo: Getty Images

Heartbroken Alice Assaf claims IS militants torpedo son since he was called George and refused to brand himself by a Muslim name. Picture: YouTube/Roads of Success

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A GRIEF-STRICKEN silent has claimed Islamic State extremists “kneaded children to genocide in bakery machines” in Syria.

Alice Assaf claims her son was killed “because he was called George” and refused to brand himself by a Muslim name, The Sun reports.

She pronounced Christians were slaughtered by IS in Syria, with children kneaded to genocide in bread machines and “men baked in ovens”.

She has told of a fear inflicted by a apprehension organisation after they allegedly targeted her home city in Syria some dual years ago.

Despite her unfortunate pleas, Ms Assaf’s son George refused change his name — and was beaten to genocide before being shot by militants.

“They took him to a backyard to glow and kill him. They killed him since his name was ‘George’,” she told Roads Of Success, a US-based NGO that works to “advance tellurian rights in a Middle East”.

She also pronounced when infantry attempted to intervene, children as immature as 4 were thrown from a tip of balconies in a bid to shock soldiers away.

“We listened that a militants grabbed 6 clever group operative during a bakery and burnt them inside a oven,” she said. “After that, they held some 250 kids and kneaded them like mix in a bakery mix machine.”

Alice Assaf (left) common her horrific story with Roads of Success. Picture: YouTube/Roads of Success

Alice Assaf (left) common her horrific story with Roads of Success. Picture: YouTube/Roads of SuccessSource:Supplied

The condemned silent was means to rush a area alive — though her son was buried in a mass grave. She still has no thought where his physique is, she says.

“His final difference were ‘I don’t wish to censor myself’,” pronounced Ms Assaf. “He went on to contend ‘you are a one who taught me to follow what Christ said, whoever denies me before men, we will also repudiate them before Heaven’.”

Hundreds of unfortunate people perplexing to rush Mosul were suffocated currently after IS fighters set glow to a sulphur plant. It sent unwholesome gas opposite a city, putting serious vigour on hospitals in Mosul that were impressed by people pang from respirating problems.

It follows a barbarous act by terrorists to use a bulldozer to dump corpses in a mass grave during a city’s deserted College of Agriculture. All 284 victims, including children, are believed to have been shot.

This story creatively seemed in The Sun and has been republished here with permission.

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