‘I bewail my baby’s name’

More and some-more relatives are entrance out and revelation they bewail their baby names.

BEFORE I’d even met my husband, I’d delicately designed out a names of my destiny children: Grace for a lady and James or Charlie for a boy.

That was it. Set in stone. “How superb nonetheless flexible,” we thought. They could be primary ministers or cocktail stars!

Turning 30 and feeling broody, we even spasmodic sketched out their names on my notebooks. So far, so breezy.

Lucie Morris-Marr, says she finished a follower with both her kids names.

Lucie Morris-Marr, says she finished a follower with both her kids’ names.Source:Kidspot.com.au

But somehow in a post-haze of birth, amid a great newborn, a haze of insomnia and being strike by a sight of a new universe of parenthood we doubt all we ever knew before.

The father is still in startle from witnessing a rural fear scenes of a work room, so he’s not accurately on tip form.

And as a new silent we are mostly tearful, hormonal and watchful for a divert to start flowing.

In short, we are both indeed in no state of mind to be creation vital decisions about a lifetime temperament for your destiny child.

As a outcome for us “Grace” somehow became Talia. And “James” became Nathaniel, or Nate, for short. How we even came adult with those names we still have no idea.

In Lucies post-haze birth, Grace became Talia and James became Nathaniel.

In Lucie’s post-haze birth, ‘Grace’ became Talia and ‘James’ became Nathaniel.Source:Kidspot.com.au


I vaguely remember mentioning a famous actor called Nathaniel Parker went to my aged boarding propagandize in England. The drugs from work contingency still have been wearing off.

But Talia? we still can’t even remember where we initial came opposite it. Derived from Greek mythology, as a troubadour for comedy and poetry, it contingency have been in one of a many baby books we were reading.

Family and friends were polite. But we could tell a grandparents would maybe have rather common a baby news with their friends with a some-more essential names Rebecca, Martha or Rachel attached.

And so we became a statistic; according to a new consult a fifth of relatives in a UK bewail a name they chose for their child.

An online check of some-more than 1000 relatives found that 18 per cent of relatives regretted a name they chose for their offspring, but usually dual per cent indeed altered their child’s name.

Talia is subsequent from Greek mythology, and Nathaniel competence or competence not be desirous by a famous British actor.

‘Talia’ is subsequent from Greek mythology, and ‘Nathaniel’ competence or competence not be desirous by a famous British actor.Source:Kidspot.com.au


The categorical reason for any bewail was how frequently a name was used by others — 25 per cent, a information suggested. Other sources of bewail enclosed spelling or diction issues (11 per cent).

In a initial year of Talia’s life we personally deliberate changing her name to her center name Scarlett — though my father was ashamed during a suggestion. He loves her name.

He pronounced Talia was singular and stood out among a outrageous toddler crowds of Ellas, Mias and Charlottes in a playgrounds. And he favourite Nate since it was a cold name with character, usually like a impertinent small boy.

Talia and Nate are now 6 and 8 and we asked them both recently if they like their names.

“Of march mummy,” they contend looking definitely bemused. They contend they wouldn’t change them for anything.

And they’re right. They’ve grown into their names. They fit a blossoming, singular characters they’ve become. And now we couldn’t suppose them being called anything else.

The usually approach I’ll ever get my strange name choices now is going in for a third child; though it’s a no go from a aged man, so it looks like Grace or James competence spin out to be one ruin of a grand cat!

The Melbourne-based scallywags are happy with their names. Source: Supplied

The Melbourne-based scallywags are happy with their names. Source: SuppliedSource:Kidspot.com.au


Whatever a reason for your remorse, we don’t have to simply siphon it up. Mum-of-three Sabrina Rogers-Anderson shares some tips on what we can do to make it right:

Use a nickname

The name we chose competence have a lovable nickname you’ll cite to use, such as Abbie for Abigail or Ollie for Oliver. If we unequivocally dislike a sound of a name and we wish to stretch yourself from it as most as possible, we can select a reduction common nickname that doesn’t sound most like a strange during all.

Use their center name

Why not use your child’s center name if we cite it to a first? Jeremiah Samuel can be famous as Sam to his friends and family, and Katherine Charlotte can simply spin Charlotte or Charlie. Most people won’t know any improved and will simply adopt a name they hear we using.

Change their name legally

If we usually can’t stomach a fact that your abominable name choice will be available in story for all eternity, put an finish to your pang and change it legally. Go to your state’s Registry of Births, Deaths Marriages website, download a name change form and follow a instructions.

The earlier we make a change a better. Ideally, you’d wish to have it finished before Bub’s initial birthday to equivocate difficulty for your child and those around you. Good luck

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