How to fly initial category for a cost of a blender

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From announcing special occasions to kindly seeking to move, here are a tip tips to assistance we measure that ascent from economy.

Emirates initial category is some-more afforable than we thought.

THE NutriBullet blender is an extraordinary product. Myer has it on sale for $299, or we can buy it in a Qantas Online Store for about 54,000 points.

Would we use my points to buy this blender? Never.

Don’t get me wrong — we have a NutriBullet and it’s a illusory appliance. But one of a surest ways to get bad value from your points is cashing them out for goods, instead of travel.

Basically, value comes down to how many cents we get for any point.

You can figure that out by dividing a income cost (Myer) by a points cost (Qantas).

$299 divided by 54,000 means that blender is cave for 0.55 cents per point.

Lots of us competence consider that’s a decent deal. What else were we going to do with those Qantas Points that have been sitting there for years?

Well, we can indeed do a lot with them, and get heaps some-more value.

One of a best-value ways to redeem these points is for flights.

Nothing opposite blenders, though there are distant some-more fun ways to spent points.

Nothing opposite blenders, though there are distant some-more fun ways to spent points.Source:Supplied


Let’s have a demeanour during an example: we can use Qantas Points on both Qantas and a partner airlines), that includes Emirates. Of course, Emirates flies to Dubai from a large Australian cities, though did we know it also flies approach to Auckland?

A one-way initial category sheet retails for about $1385 — utterly a lot for a 3 to four-hour flight, right? In points, however, it costs about a same as a blender.

But because initial class? Do we unequivocally need five-star dining, on-board bar and entrance to a shower?

Probably not, though a value we get out of this initial category emancipation is $2.56 per point, that is some-more than 5 times a blender’s value ($1385 / 54,000 points).

Surely, business category would do me. Instead of being congested in 10 to a quarrel in economy class, there would usually be 4 of us per quarrel on a top deck. How many is a business sheet then? About $600. That’s 36,000 Qantas Points, so a value is $1.67 per indicate — 3 times some-more than a blender, though reduction crash for my sire than initial class.

To keep things simple, both those examples don’t cause in a cost of additional taxes, though these aren’t too restricted on this track — around $150 any approach for an extraordinary business or initial category experience.

First category seats come finish with a private minibar.

First category seats come finish with a private minibar.Source:Supplied


If we wish maximize a value in your visit flyer balance, your idea should be to use your points to get to a front of a craft some-more cheaply, though profitable a kind of crazy income that an undisguised sheet squeeze requires.

Points can really be used for cheaper travel, though economy tickets mostly come with fees that can eat adult many of a advantage of regulating your points in a initial place. There are some ways around this, generally for economy flights to a USA.

In short, regulating your points for flights, generally in reward cabins = high value; regulating your points for products = low value.

Matt Moffitt is a Contributing Editor for Point Hacks, whose goal is to assistance as many people as probable acquire a many points they can, and use them a many effectively for their transport goals.

Light-hearted demeanour during a new partnership between Qantas and Airbnb that will concede visit flyers to acquire points on each dollar spent on an Airbnb short-term rental.

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