Hird will quarrel for his pay, counsel says

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Tania Hird hits out during a diagnosis of her father over a Essendon drugs scandal

James Hird leaves his Toorak house. Picture: Nicole Garmston

James Hird leaves his Toorak house. Picture: Nicole Garmston
Source: News Limited

Despite Andrew Demetriou’s insistence otherwise, James Hird is reportedly still being paid by a Bombers.

UPDATE: JAMES Hird’s lawyers says he will quarrel to strengthen his right to his $1 million income while portion his 12-month suspension.

The AFL sensationally announced during 1.22pm that it was holding behind discretionary appropriation to Essendon until it explained given it was stability to compensate Hird’s wage.

The Herald Sun understands a volume being funded is a high commission of AFL distributions to a club. The AFL’s annual placement to Essendon, in a year finale Oct 31, was $8.4 million.

The Bombers also accept several million dollars some-more from a clubs’ destiny fund.

Hird’s lawyer, Steven Amendola, strike behind within an hour of a AFL statement, observant a permit understanding Hird sealed off on was with a AFL, not Essendon, and did not embody any compensate ban.

AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou did not respond to media questions as he arrived for work during AFL house. Courtesy Seven News

“The people who resolved to a terms of a cessation were not Eseendon and a AFL, it was James Hird and a AFL,” Mr Amendola said.

“The AFL can write to a Essendon FC as most as it wants to about a resolved settlement.

“But it was unequivocally transparent on a night (the Aug 27 conference settlement) that Hird would be paid by a Essendon FC during his duration of suspension.

“I am happy to elaborate on given it was transparent that he would be paid if a AFL wish to continue to claim that he wasn’t going to be paid.”

In a matter expelled this afternoon, a AFL pronounced it had created to a Bombers revelation a bar that Hird “could not work for any bar in any ability or accept a income from any club”.

The joining pronounced it had created to a bar on Dec 6 and again on Monday with a “please explain”.


AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou pronounced AFL Legal, Integrity and Compliance ubiquitous manager Andrew Dillon had sensitive Essendon in essay this week: “The transparent goal from a opening of James Hird’s 12-month cessation by a AFL was that he could not work for any bar in any ability or accept a income from any club.

“Since September, a AFL has been in conference with a Essendon FC concerning a terms of James Hird’s suspension, including a fact he can't be paid by a bar for a duration of 12 months,” Mr Demetriou says in a statement.

The matter continues: “Mr Dillon was available a grave respond from a club. Until that respond was received, a bar has been sensitive a AFL will secrete an volume from unchanging AFL discretionary distributions to a Essendon FC any month.”

But Mr Amendola pronounced Hird’s income was enshrined in a three-year contract.

“My customer never pleaded, nor was found guilty of breaching a actor rules,” he added.

Mr Demetriou also announced in a matter that a emanate could be referred behind to a AFL Commission that ruled on a strange conference in August.

“The Essendon FC has also been suggested in essay that if a bar continues not to approve with a terms of a suspensions, a matter will be referred to a assembly of a AFL Commission in Melbourne successive week,” he said.

Tania Hird says it's time for a AFL to stop

Tania Hird says it’s time for a AFL to stop “threatening” father James. Picture: David Caird
Source: News Limited

Essendon released a matter during 3.59pm, observant it had been in unchanging hit with a AFL about a terms of James Hird’s suspension.

“The bar will respond to a AFL’s matter relating to this matter in due march and will not be creation any serve criticism until that time,” it says.

The emanate has escalated as a outcome of Tania Hird’s conflict on a AFL yesterday, suggested exclusively in a Herald Sun.

In her initial open comments given footy’s supplements liaison pennyless in February, Hird’s mother told a paper that Mr Demetriou’s claims that a dangling manager was criminialized from receiving a income were a nonsense.

Mrs Hird indicted a AFL of a “total negligence for a truth” and “appalling” poise via a drugs saga, also job on a joining to stop “threatening” her father and Bombers.

Today Mrs Hird emerged from her Toorak home with her children this morning, reluctant to answer questions nonetheless saying they were “going to see Santa”.

Her father left in a precipitate progressing though returned during 1.30pm.

Asked to endorse either he was being paid by Essendon, he said: “I consider that was talked about this morning”.

Asked either he was endangered about Mr Demetriou’s denials that he was being paid, he replied: “No, I’m not endangered during all.”

He again left his home after 4pm, revelation watchful reporters: “Sorry guys, no comment.”

A mad Mrs Hird told a Herald Sun yesterday that a Essendon manager supposed his anathema usually as a outcome of threats.

“James took a 12-month cessation given he was threatened,” she said.

“The bar was threatened, he was threatened.

“In a finish a bar said, we know, it’s in a best interests of a club, we need to pierce on, that is what we did.”

“Of march he’s being paid, that was a deal,” Mrs Hird added.

“Andrew Demetriou knew it, a AFL knew it.”

James Hird leaves his Toorak home this morning. Picture: Nicole Garmston

James Hird leaves his Toorak home this morning. Picture: Nicole Garmston
Source: News Limited

Mr Demetriou pronounced in his matter today: “The open statements from a AFL, from myself as CEO over a final week, were in a faith that Essendon had resolved a remuneration arrangements and begun a cessation period. The AFL has given sought acknowledgment and is nonetheless to accept it.”

Mr Demetriou released a sure matter final Wednesday that Hird was not being paid by a AFL or by Essendon.

“If there is one thing we will go to my grave on, we know 100 per cent a AFL is not profitable and we know that Essendon is not paying,” a joining arch told 3AW.

It was suggested final week within hours of Mr Demetriou’s compensate claims that Hird was still pocketing a salary.

The joining afterwards certified there was zero in essay in a AFL Commission’s final agreement on sanctions though claimed Essendon gave a written pledge not to compensate Hird dual weeks after a Aug hearing.

But Mrs Hird, a blurb skill lawyer, rubbished a avowal in her talk with a Herald Sun.

“You can’t change an agreement though somebody’s believe and though their contend so,” she said.

“James resolved to a permit with compensate and that’s what it was, Andrew knew that.”

Asked either she believed a AFL trainer should explain a situation, she pronounced she could not tell Mr Demetriou what to do.

“There’s a lot of things we would like to contend to Andrew Demetriou over this year though we consider I’ve pronounced enough,” she said.

Mrs Hird pronounced a open was not being given a whole law about a supplements liaison that rocked Essendon and a AFL and a successive hearing.

“It’s only a exaggeration of a law and, we know, it’s been unequivocally tough to take,” she said.

Mr Demetriou lifted a compensate emanate in a response to revelations that Hird had been given inducements, including a guaranteed income during any suspension, amid tip negotiations between Australian Sports Commission authority John Wylie and Bombers authority Paul Little.

Mrs Hird launched her harangue after being approached outward a family’s Toorak home.

The mother-of-four combined that Hird would have taken a AFL to justice if compensate was not on a table.

“We wouldn’t have taken a permit though pay, we would have taken a AFL to a Supreme Court and they knew that, Demetriou knew that,” she said.

– with Grant Baker


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