Gator aid

Christy Kroboth kissing a captured alligatorImage copyright
Christy Kroboth

Christy Kroboth gave up her career as a dental nurse to focus on animals with a lot more teeth – alligators. When she started training as an alligator catcher she was the only woman in her class, but – as she describes here – that made her even more determined to show she could jump on an animal many times her size, and tape its jaws tightly shut.

When I first got my licence I was only doing this as a hobby, I’d go to work as a dental assistant and catch my alligators on the side.

But I got well known for taking the alligators alive, and I’m now doing this as my full time job.

I’ve been a true animal lover all my life. I blame it on my mom. When we were little she was the one that would stop the car, pull over, and help turtles and ducks cross the road. We took in all the strays – cats, dogs, whatever needed a home.


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