Gangster’s tip hovel unearthed

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This subterraneous hovel is rumoured to have been used by 1920s mafiosi Squizzy Taylor to shun military raids on his gambling den

The tip hovel of Squizzy Taylor

Property owners Peter Healy in a tip tunnel.
Source: News Corp Australia

The trail of a hovel in Richmond.

The trail of a hovel in Richmond.
Source: HeraldSun

Police mop shots of Melbourne mafiosi Leslie

Police mop shots of Melbourne mafiosi Leslie “Squizzy” Taylor.
Source: News Corp Australia

Edie McGregor and Peter Healy outward a Richmond skill containing a tip tunnel.

Edie McGregor and Peter Healy outward a Richmond skill containing a tip tunnel.
Source: News Corp Australia


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A RECENTLY unearthed hovel dark underneath a streets of Richmond might have unprotected how mythological Melbourne gangster, Joseph “Squizzy” Taylor, eluded police.

He was a theme of a Nine Network’s play Underbelly: Squizzy Steps Out.

The find fits with rumours of tip tunnels, believed to be widespread conflicting a Richmond Hill, that helped a rapist kingpin shun military raids on his Goodwood St gambling basement during a 1920s.

 David Atkins as Joseph

David Atkins as Joseph “Squizzy” Taylora nd Jacki Weaver in a Nine Network drama
Source: Supplied

Buried underneath sand and balderdash and worse, a attic next a outworn bureau had secluded a damp, claustrophobic thoroughfare for decades.

But as a owners of a factory/house during 11 Goodwood St, conflicting Taylor’s former gambling den, began scheming it for sale progressing this year a hovel was revealed.

Edie McGregor, who has formerly lived in a residence on a same retard as a factory, has listened her share of tales involving a property.

“The gossip is he (Squizzy) would go underneath a road, along a passage, and into a bureau and afterwards possibly go by a night transport run or burst a blockade to Bridge Rd,” Ms McGregor said.

Peter Healy a partial owners whose grandfather built a bureau and grown film there in a same epoch as a mafiosi saw a hovel for a initial time final weekend.

“He was a frequently seen chairman in a area … he operated a gambling propagandize on a premises conflicting and apparently he used to have a ‘cockatoo’ (lookout) to watch for military raids opposite a fence,” he said.

David Langdon from a Richmond and Burnley Historical multitude has listened identical rumours.

“Some have pronounced that Squizzy Taylor used this (property) as an bootleg gambling house, and had a tunnels for shun routes,” he said.

Thick with cobwebs a hovel now ends in a wall of bricks and concrete combined after a tunnels strange creation.

The surprising property, that facilities a house, emporium front and a bureau on an 880 retard metre retard has been related with Mr Healy’s family for 115 years, though will be auctioned on Dec 14.

Hayden Reed, a Jellis Craig representative offered a property, pronounced considerable views and a plcae would substantially lapse a cost of $2.5 million-plus from a developer or builder.

And that might supplement a serve couple between a aged bureau and a circuitously gambling den.

Taylor’s aged two-up propagandize conflicting a highway is now a retard of units.


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