Forget FOMO, 2014’s all about JOMO


YOLO, though keep it to yourself…The “joy of blank out” and unplugging from complicated life instead of posting all we do to amicable media is sloping to be a prohibited new trend in 2014. Picture: Thinkstock
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FORGET a fear of blank out. In 2014, trend viewer JWT thinks JOMO – a fun of blank out – will take deeper base in a mainstream.

Among a tellurian promotion and selling company’s predictions for a new year is a impetus to “mindful living,” with some-more consumers actively perplexing to close out distractions and concentration on a moment.

But as trend reports mostly go, this one is mixed, with Mindful Living listed with “The Age of Impatience” in JWT’s Top 10 for subsequent year.

In a peace-of-mind department, demeanour no serve than a Slow Food Movement broadening, simply, to Slow; a arise of a digital detox like Camp Grounded in Northern California’s Anderson Valley; and Silicon Valley’s ardour with all things Zen, pronounced Ann Mack, a company’s executive of trend-spotting.

Google already offers employees imagining as partial of a “Search Inside Yourself” course, along with unchanging wordless “mindful” lunches, for instance.

And there’s an app or three, including Headspace for on-the-go meditators who are stirred to check in with themselves, Ms Mack said.

The mind-calming, mind-blowing judgment goes like this, according to Ms Mack: “You’re enjoying what you’re doing in a here and now and not on amicable media broadcasting or saying what everybody else is doing.”

stress during work

Overwhelmed…Mindfulness and assent of mind will turn some-more renouned in a year ahead, futurists say. Picture: Thinkstock

As for JOMO, as opposite to FOMO, Ms Mack credits tech blogger Anil Dash for entrance adult with a former when he realised after a month unplugged following a birth of his son that he happily hadn’t missed anything during all.

While some people work on their downward-facing dogs during yoga class, a on-demand economy will shake divided in 2014, pronounced a ninth annual JWT report.

To prove a need for all things instant, binge observation and same-hour smoothness bubbled adult to gorge all age segments, generally hyperconnected Millennials who design things can be achieved, acquired and enjoyed with a assistance of mobile record in genuine time.

Even they’re pulling behind some on how they understand technology, Ms Mack pronounced in a new interview.

“I consider a genuine warn is a fact that as we get some-more enthralled in record we’re starting to doubt a summons call, nonetheless we’re not facing it entirely,” she said.

“There’s a Jekyll and Hyde peculiarity that we pronounce about in distracted opposite a machine. You know, we are still really most embracing it though facing it simultaneously,” Ms Mack added.


Perfect image…”Authentic”, warts and all photos will reinstate idealised selfies as a latest amicable media trend, experts say.

“Over a past several years we’ve let record order us and now we’re prepared to order it and find a change in a lives since we realize record is here to stay though it’s essentially changing a relationships, a behaviours, maybe even a brains.”

Which leads to another JWT prediction: a arise of Telepathic Technology.

Google Glass? So yesterday.

The news pronounced brain-computer interfaces, or BCIs, will pull serve into a blurb mainstream subsequent year.

Currently nascent, mind-controlled cars to art exhibits rest on a brain-wave activity of consumers. As normal EEG systems have been pared down, they’re no longer a domain of health providers alone.

Applications during a reduce cost have proliferated for blurb consumption, a news said.

Google Glasses

So yesterday….Google Glass will be transposed with computer-brain interfaces that run on mind call activity and might even adjust to a emotions. Picture: AP

A Silicon Valley association called NeuroSky is looking ahead, partnering with Mattel to emanate mind-powered toys, for example, while another association has come adult with a headset that can review a wearer’s mood to yield a ideal playlist, according to a report.

“Researchers and programmers from Egypt to a UK and a US are enlightening a ability to get computers to review tellurian emotions by a use famous as affective computing,” a news said.

“As tension approval advances, tech manufacturers will start building it into devices, enabling gadgets to recognize and conflict to how users are feeling. Think Siri being some-more sensitive to undone users.”

While Siri sorts herself, proudly unlawful as a new ideal will take a mount subsequent year, according to JWT.

Blemished fruits and vegetables are touted as best over a waxed-up grocery kind and “ugly selfies” are a new selfies opposite amicable media as flawlessness creates a comeback, Ms Mack said.

We’ve got celebrities but makeup, books on unlawful parenting and a anti-Photoshop transformation heading a way, she added.

“Increasingly,” Mack said, “we’re not equating ideal with good, or good for us.”

Other JWT predictions for 2014:


Nabbing a minds and courtesy of consumers will be an increasingly multisensory affair. Outbreak Missions in Manila is among a companies gift Zombie runs, in a box a 5K called Zombie Apocalypse where victims contingency find a heal for an conflict or un-die trying. In New York, lines were hours-long during a Museum of Modern Art for a possibility to knowledge a Rain Room. Falling sleet paused when a tellurian physique approached. Watch subsequent year for Oculus Rift, a practical existence headset that creates players feel like they’re inside a diversion screen.


With a arise of photos, emojis and video snippets, “visual” has turn a denunciation of a possess that savvy companies will welcome in a large way. Taco Bell and a solidified yogurt sequence 16 Handles have sent disintegrating 10-second coupons and new product teasers regulating Snapchat, JWT said. And Sony took to Pinterest for “Pin It to Give It,” where a association donated a dollar to gift with each re-pin.


Big Brother has record on his side. Look for things to get even dicier, shopper-wise. The break food behemoth Mondelez is contrast a “smart shelf” with sensors to figure out a demographics of people selecting certain products and brands. A association called NEC has come adult with a facial approval system, NeoFace, for salespeople to brand VIP customers. Accessories are proliferating for people who don’t wish their information mined. OFF Pocket, for instance, blocks GPS, Wi-Fi or dungeon signals from reaching a mobile phone.


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