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Tennis: Novak Djokovic is by to a Final of a Australian Open after defeating Roger Federer in 4 sets.

Federer was not impressed.

NOVAK Djokovic kick Roger Federer, while Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber won their matches on day 11 of a Australian Open to book their places in a final of a year’s initial major.



7-Jamie Murray (GBR)/Bruno Soares (BRA) bt Adrian Mannarino (FRA)/Lucas Pouille (FRA) 6-3 6-1

1-Serena Williams (USA) bt 4-Agnieszka Radwanska (POL) 6-0 6-4

7-Angelique Kerber (GER) bt Johanna Konta (GBR) 7-5 6-2

1-Novak Djokovic (SRB) degraded 3-Roger Federer (SUI) 6-1 6-2 3-6 6-3


Dont ask Roger foolish questions.

Don’t ask Roger “stupid questions”.Source:AAP

UNSURPRISINGLY, Roger Federer wasn’t a happiest male in a universe during his post-match press discussion after losing to Novak Djokovic.

So when a publisher asked him a poorly-worded question, a fractious Federer was in no mood for forgiveness.

A contributor asked a Swiss how he felt about Djokovic’s new run of prevalence — he won 3 grand slams in 2015 and became a initial male in story to strech 6 Australian Open finals with his attainment tonight — and suggested a Serb didn’t have to face a same customary of actor these days that Federer himself had to contend with behind in a mid-2000s when he was deliberate a best in a world.

Federer was not tender with a import that players currently aren’t as good as they were a decade ago.

He primarily seemed bewildered, looking during a contributor in overpower for several seconds before delivering a response.

“You’ve got to be clever how to word a question,” a clearly vibrated Federer said.

“You don’t wish to disregard a other players. You don’t have to face them, I’ve got to face them,” he pronounced before job a query a “stupid question”.

The journo clearly wasn’t done, seeking Djokovic a same doubt when he fronted a media, though a universe No. 1 refused to bite.

Federer enjoyed a support of a Melbourne throng more-so than Djokovic. Every indicate a Swiss won was met with noisy noise, while a cheers were noticeably quieter for a Serb.

Djokovic was asked how he felt about Federer receiving a infancy of a throng support, though he rubbed a doubt with standard humility.

“I try not to concentration on that. we feel like we suffer a lot of support around a world,” he said.

“When we play Roger it’s approaching … he’s desired and reputable around a world. For me it’s normal in a way.”


Can anyone stop this man?

Can anyone stop this man?Source:AP

IT might not have been a five-set epic tennis fans were anticipating for, though a semi-final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer won’t be mislaid in a hurry.

In a finish it was Djokovic who earnt his place in his sixth Australian Open final — a initial male ever to grasp such a attainment — after he outclassed and captivated a intrepid Federer in 4 sets 6-1 6-2 3-6 6-3.

The start of a compare positively didn’t give any denote of building into a classic, though a Swiss attempted his best to make it one.

Djokovic took reduction than an hour to win a initial dual sets 6-1 6-2. The final time Federer suffered such abrasive defeats in a opening dual sets during a vital was approach behind in 2001 during a US Open opposite Andre Agassi.

The Serb was ruthless. Unforced errors were substantially non-existent, belligerent strokes were being strike low and with critical power, and when he indispensable to, his play during a net was initial class.

“It wasn’t that prolonged ago that we thought, ‘How is anyone going to kick this male (Federer)?’” Jim Courier pronounced in comentary.

“Now we’re looking during this male in a blue shirt (Djokovic) wondering a same thing.

“I’m saying something tonight I’ve never seen before.”

But while a compare looked like being a walkover, a universe No. 3 isn’t deliberate one of a biggest of all time for nothing.

He dismissed adult in a third set and finally took a diversion to Djokovic. It wasn’t utterly selected Federer, though it was still good adequate to put a vigour behind on his 28-year-old opponent, as he finally managed to mangle and go adult 4-2.

The No. 1 seed threatened to mangle back, though Federer reason his haughtiness and took a set 6-3.

While a opening 3 sets seemed to go by though we even realising, a foe in a fourth set was many some-more tense.

Nobody could advantage a ascendancy. Federer typified a arm combat with an unimaginable liberation on a indicate when down 3-4. He somehow scrambled behind after being lobbed, afterwards shielded Djokovic’s dual volleys before attack a backhand leader down a line. He usually wouldn’t go away.

But that was to be a final time a 17-time grand impact leader had reason to smile. Djokovic was, as he has been for everybody in a past 12 months, usually too good, and he sealed out a set to win a match.

“I played unbelievably in a initial dual sets though that’s what’s required opposite Roger,” Djokovic pronounced after a match.

“I knew he was going to be assertive and brew adult a gait and come to a net … though we executed all perfectly.”

The Serb credited Federer and Spaniard Rafael Nadal for creation him a actor he is today.

“Both Roger and Rafa have contributed a lot to my career and to my success,” he said.

“Playing those dual guys hundreds of times total has finished me a improved player.

“Right now we feel like I’m personification during a rise of my career and I’m perplexing to delight any impulse on a court.”

Djokovic will face a leader of Andy Murray and Milos Raonic’s compare in a final on Sunday night.


Federer wasnt going divided quietly.

Federer wasn’t going divided quietly.Source:News Corp Australia

THE Fed Express staged a rousing quip in a third set to detain Novak Djokovic’s control of a match.

He steadied during a start of a set to strech two-all, and a gutsy serve-and-volley when confronting a mangle indicate kept him in a fifth diversion and saw him go adult 3-2.

The twin afterwards played out a outrageous sixth diversion that lasted some-more than 10 minutes. The Swiss played a supernatural indicate whereby he somehow reached a Djokovic dump shot, sprinting from a baseline before personification a uncertain flitting shot.

He won a subsequent point, finally holding advantage of his fourth mangle indicate of a diversion to go adult 4-2.

He combined a mangle to go on and take a set 6-3.

With sleet a unequivocally genuine threat, officials sealed a roof on Rod Laver Arena during a finish of a set.


He is a male possessed.

He is a male possessed.Source:AFP

IT’S group opposite boys.

Novak Djokovic is producing something special on Rod Laver Arena, and Roger Federer is unable to stop him.

That’s a story in a semi-final between a pair. After violation Federer twice to win a initial set, a Serb indispensable usually 32 mins to hang adult a second 6-2.

His peculiarity of tennis is distinct anything we’ve seen as he continued to make a 17-time grand impact champion demeanour like a infirm amateur.

The abyss on his shots was ridiculously consistent, frequency ever unwell to strike a turn over a use line on both wings.

Even when a Swiss managed to rivet a 28-year-old in a rally, he would lift out heartless winners like a inside-out backhand to Federer’s forehand dilemma from a center of a justice mid by a second — a shot nobody else would be means to play.

At 4-1 adult in a second, Djokovic had purebred usually 3 spontaneous errors, compared to Federer’s 18, and a 34-year-old was forced to try opposite tactics— like serve-volleying on 3 uninterrupted points — given he had no answers to a universe No. 1’s dominance.

The throng is clearly pro-Roger, giving him a rousing accepting after any indicate he wins, though he’ll need some-more than throng support to get by this match.


Rogers change of strategy didnt work.

Roger’s change of strategy didn’t work.Source:AP

BEFORE a initial turn was even hit, Roger Federer already had one-up on Novak Djokovic.

The Swiss won a pre-match silver toss — that gives a leader a choice of portion or receiving initial — and a universe No. 3 opted to receive.

Channel 7’s Bruce McAvaney called it “a surprise”, while Lleyton Hewitt also corroborated adult that assertion.

“It is a surprise. In my time he was always discerning to contend he’d offer after a silver toss. Maybe he thinks Novak is a bit shaky,” pronounced Hewitt.

The Swiss conductor would have regretted that preference after Djokovic breezed by his opening use diversion before violation Federer in a second.

“Little bit of a explode there in a finish … he (Djokovic) was a one dire on a Federer offer after clearly carrying loosened adult after holding a initial game,” pronounced commentator Jim Courier.

Opting to accept initial is mostly seen as a approach of easing into a match. You’re not approaching to win a opening game, and all a vigour is on your foe to reason offer — not always a easiest thing to do with a vigour of a grand impact semi-final.

Federer never recovered from a bad start as Djokovic pennyless him again, racing by to explain a initial set 6-1 in usually 22 minutes.


It aint easy being Andy Murray.

It ain’t easy being Andy Murray.Source:AP

ANDY Murray says he is not unapproachable of a approach he has behaved on justice during his violent Australian Open.

The universe No. 2 admits it has been formidable to play during Melbourne Park while his mother Kim has stayed in a UK and is approaching to give birth within days.

Murray has also had to understanding with his father in-law Nigel Sears drifting behind to a UK after pang a health shock during a Australian Open.

The Scot’s indignant antics have finished copiousness of headlines this week after he yelled during a chairman sitting in his possess player’s box to ‘get off a phone’.

He also yelled during himself: “I hatred dump shots. we hatred them,” during his quarter-final win over David Ferrer.

Murray admits he could have shown some-more restraint.

“I’m not quite unapproachable of a approach I’ve rubbed myself on a court,” he pronounced on Thursday.

“I don’t consider that my poise on a justice has been impeccable.

“I’ve showed a lot of tragedy on justice and removing dissapoint from a commencement of matches.

“One thing I’ve finished unequivocally good is quarrel for any singular indicate and not given divided games. Even when I’ve been broken, I’ve fought tough in a subsequent diversion and finished it unequivocally formidable for my opponents.

“Although I’m not accurately being unequivocally certain with myself, I’m still unequivocally formidable for my opponents and I’m fighting tough for any point. So that’s good.”

He pronounced his unusual off-court stress is something he has never formerly had to understanding with.

“I’ve never gifted anything like that while I’ve been in a competition,” Murray pronounced of Sears’ health scare.

“Things have apparently happened with family during other stages, though not in a center of a grand impact and with Kim heavily profound as well. The final few days were difficult, for sure.

“I’m some-more unapproachable of how I’ve rubbed myself divided from a court. we consider I’ve dealt with all divided from a justice improved than we have on it, probably.”

His manager Amelie Mauresmo agrees that Murray has been dauntless off a court.

“We know that right now it’s a small bit difficult for him, lots of things to understanding with, so there are ups and downs,” she said.

“But we feel he’s flattering clever deliberation that he’s going by many opposite romantic states and nonetheless he’s still beaten Ferrer after a outrageous fight. Right now, it’s a large performance. We’re all here. He knows he can count on us.”


Thats an whole box of whoop-ass!

That’s an whole box of whoop-ass!Source:News Corp Australia

NO. 4 seed Agnieszka Rawanska says she has never faced a some-more ideal set of tennis than a one Serena Williams handed out in a American’s 6-0 6-4 semi-final win during Rod Laver Arena on Thursday.

After revelation she wasn’t even indignant about being on a receiving finish of a classical Williams thrashing (extending her losing strain opposite a universe No. 1 to 9 matches), Radwanska pronounced she’s never seen a some-more ideal set of tennis than Williams’ opening 6 games.

“There was usually no mistake,” The Polish actor said.

“Unbelievable serve. Everything, she was going for it. Yeah, we couldn’t do much. Not during all, actually.

“If she’s personification her best tennis like she was personification currently in a initial set, it’s large disproportion actually. we don’t consider anyone can unequivocally play on that level.

“She unequivocally display her good tennis on all a Grand Slams. She unequivocally display she wish to win it. She’s doing all right.

“She goes on justice and she usually wish to kill it. Going like full energy for everything. So we don’t consider anyone can unequivocally play on that kind of turn during all.”

Williams will play Angelique Kerber in a women’s final on Saturday.

4.40pm — ‘WELL, THIS IS CRAZY’

Big moment.

Big moment.Source:AAP

ANGELIQUE Kerber has won by to her initial grand impact final, trouncing Britain’s Johanna Konta 7-5 6-2 in their semi-final on Rod Laver Arena.

The No. 7 seed kept her cold as Konta seemed to onslaught with a vigour of personification in her initial grand impact semi-final.

The Sydney-born rising star finished 38 errors to a German’s 11.

Kerber seemed to advantage from a discerning 5 notation sleet check as she took out a initial set 7-5.

She had usually damaged to lead 6-5 in a initial set when a sun-shower strike Melbourne Park.

Both players had to lay underneath umbrellas as officials waited for a brief showering to pass.

When play resumed, Kerber reason to love, bark off 4 true points to take a one set lead.

Konta had won 5 of a prior 8 games before a delay.

“Well this is crazy,” Channel 7 commentator Rennae Stubbs said.

English tennis consultant Sam Smith said: “This is bizarre. This is tough on them.”

Kerber pronounced she is not fearful of personification universe No. 1 Serena Williams in a final.

“I’m unequivocally looking brazen to personification opposite Serena,” she said.

“I’m unequivocally looking brazen to holding this challenge. we contingency play my best tennis.

“I have zero to lose, we will try and suffer a final and hopefully play good.”


A joining of her own.

A joining of her own.Source:Getty Images

SERENA Williams is on lane to record a easiest grand impact attainment of her 20-year career.

The universe No. 1 played a uncertain initial set in her semi-final win over Agnieszka Radwanska to energy to 6-0 in usually 20 minutes.

Radwanska fought behind in a second set and led 4-3 before eventually losing 6-0 6-4 in 64 minutes.

The initial set in that Serena won 24 of a 31 points and strike 18 winners to 4 spontaneous errors was described by Channel 7’s Todd Woodbridge as “almost flawless”.

Williams has not mislaid a set this contest and appears ominously tighten to winning her sixth grand impact though dropping a set.

Williams had given adult usually 22 games on her approach to a semi-finals and is on lane to mangle her prior many widespread impact when she won a 2002 US Open while giving adult usually 29 games.

“We’re examination a universe No. 1 profitable flawless tennis,” Woodbridge said.

Two-time grand impact champion Kim Clijsters pronounced Radwanska looked helpless.

“It’s not that Radwanska is doing a lot wrong,” she said.

“It’s usually all Serena during a moment.

“I don’t see anyone that can kick her when she’s personification during her best.”

Martina Navratilova binds a record for slightest volume of games conceded while winning a seven-match grand impact when she won a 1983 US Open, surrender usually 19 games.

Williams pronounced after a diversion she is astounded by how good she is personification so early in a tennis year.

“I’m unequivocally vehement to be in another final it blows my mind right now,” she said.

“I feel we am personification a best we can, and we can’t trust we am in a final.

“Physically we feel improved mentally we indispensable a break. we feel so good, we didn’t consider we would do this good so fast.

“I started personification assertive again in a second set and it worked out.”

Williams is by to her seventh Australian Open final and has never mislaid a final during Melbourne Park — though this is a initial time she has ever won her initial 6 matches in Melbourne though dropping a singular set.


That winning feeling.

That winning feeling.Source:Getty Images

SARA Tomic is dual wins divided from completing a singular family double act during a Australian Open.

The younger sister of Bernard, Tomic once again showcased her fighting qualities to kick associate Australian Baijing Lin 6-1 5-7 6-2 on Thursday and strech a semi-finals of a girls’ championship during Melbourne Park.

The 17-year-old battled a stomach censure and recovered from a use mangle down in a second set to pierce into a final 4 in her fifth and final Open youth tilt.

“I’m always startling myself,” Tomic said.

“Honestly, we didn’t even tell my group that we wasn’t unequivocally feeling good. My stomach was hurting.

“I had to take some tablets after, and mentally we wasn’t focusing.

“(But) I’m unequivocally inspired for winning and we truly wish to do good and always do my best on a court.”

Older hermit Bernard – now a men’s universe No.17 – won a Australian Open boys’ pretension during 15 in 2008 and afterwards a US Open youth championship in 2009.

If Sara can delight in Melbourne this weekend, a Tomics would turn a initial Australian sister-brother twin given Lorraine Coghlan (1956) and Will Coghlan (1960) to win a Australian youth singles championships.

“I’m perplexing to win. It’d be nice,” Sara said.

“It’d unequivocally be a dream to be on a board.”


Hes usually 7 slams behind.

He’s usually 7 slams behind.Source:AFP

NOVAK Djokovic is 28 years aged and has 10 grand impact titles.

He needs 7 some-more to equal Roger Federer’s record 17 impact championships.

He won 3 grand slams in 2015 and, notwithstanding an groundless opening during Melbourne Park this year, is chaste formed on his 2015 form — a biggest year of tennis ever played, according to 14-time grand impact leader Pete Sampras.

If slams are a measuring stick, he still has a prolonged approach to go before he hurdles Federer, though if head-to-head matches is a measuring hang for tennis’ tip dogs — Novak is a GOAT.

He is 22-22 in an implausible conduct to conduct adversary with Federer after trailing 13-6 early in their careers and will go forward in that personal conflict for a initial time with a win tonight.

He has won 5 of their past 7 matches.

Djokovic is already forward of 14-time grand impact champion Rafael Nadal in their personal head-to-head results.

Djokovic has won his past 5 matches opposite a Spaniard to lead their duel 24-23.

He’s also 21-9 opposite Andy Murray.

Despite his implausible rivalries with Federer and Nadal, Djokovic is still seen as a annoying, insignificant force that spasmodic disrupted tennis’ many legendary account of this century — a Federer-Nadal showdown.

He got in a approach of a finals we all wanted to see.

Somewhere along a line — good before he began to make Nadal his personal defeat child (he’s won 11 true sets opposite a clay justice king) — Djokovic upheld them both.

If he is means to stay injury-free and say a form of 2015 it will not be prolonged before his ascent past both his biggest rivals is widely accepted.

It won’t occur before Federer’s retirement, though there is a genuine possibility a subsequent epoch of tennis fans will speak about a age of Djokovic and how Federer and Nadal were usually proxy interruptions to what will afterwards be viewed as a widespread story line of this age — how chaste Djokovic is.

The buffoon was a aristocrat all along.

11.30am — RAONIC COSTS PUNTER $24,000

He seems unequivocally cut adult about it.

He seems unequivocally cut adult about it.Source:AFP

A PUNTER stood to win a some-more than $27,000 from a $150 gamble — if usually Milos Raonic was reading a same script.

The punter placed a money gamble during a TAB in Sydney, betting a three-leg multi on a scold scores in a initial set of 3 singles matches during a Australian Open.

At contingency of $182.87, a punter stood to collect $27,431 from guessing a scold initial set measure in Johanna Konta’s win over Zhang Shuai, Andy Murray’s win over David Ferrer and Raonic’s win over Gael Monfils on Wednesday night.

He rightly gamble on Konta to take a initial set 6-4 and Murray to win his initial set 6-3 — and usually indispensable Raonic to win his initial set 6-4.

The punter got cold feet, however, and cashed out for a collect of $3,220.

His preference to trust his instinct valid right as Raonic went on to win a initial set 6-3.

“They apparently felt their fitness might have run out and with $3,222 on a list they couldn’t conflict holding it; that valid to be a right call,” pronounced TAB’s Matt Jenkins.


The rivalry.

The rivalry.Source:News Corp Australia

DJOKOVIC and Roger Federer face off in a blockbuster semi-final on Thursday in their 45th career meeting.

The dual giants of a men’s diversion have an heated adversary that is smoothly poised, with any violence a other 22 times.

Djokovic has never been forward in their head-to-head battle, though will go forward 23-22 with a win tonight.

The universe No. 1 has a transparent corner after an startling 2015 deteriorate in that he fell usually one win brief of a calendar-year Grand Slam.

“Any turn (against Federer) feels like a final given of a fact that we are large rivals,” Djokovic said.

“We have played so many times opposite any other. There’s a lot of tension. There’s a lot during stake. I’m awaiting a good fight.”

Federer is 34 though stays during a tip of his diversion and is unfortunate to supplement to his 17 Grand Slam titles, an feat he still thinks is possible.

“It’s partial of a reason given I’m still playing. we feel like I’m rival during a top,” he said.

The leader of tonight’s compare will turn a initial actor of a Open epoch to play in 6 Australian Open finals. Federer has not played in an Australian Open decider given 2010 and has mislaid his many new 4 Australian Open semi-finals.

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