Fears lawsuits will penetrate Sharks

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Bruno Cullen was allocated Cronulla’s CEO by a NRL in 2013 though left in debate shortly after.

The Cronulla Sharks training in a sealed event in Cronulla on Tuesday.

The Cronulla Sharks training in a sealed event in Cronulla on Tuesday.
Source: News Limited

EX-CRONULLA authority Damian Irvine fears a inundate of lawsuits from past and benefaction Sharks players could penetrate a club, labelling a authorised risk as “unquantifiable” in a arise of a NRL’s ban comment of government failures in 2011.

Irvine was in assign when Cronulla dangling Shane Flanagan and discharged 4 support staff 9 months ago, and felt a prior board’s unpopular preference had been fit by yesterday’s overwhelming raft of punishments from League Central.

After anticipating a 23 players who participated in a argumentative 2011 addition procedure were unprotected to health and anti-doping risks, the NRL dangling Flanagan for 12 months, cancelled a registration of former tutor Trent Elkin and inflicted a $1 million fine.

But a existence that Cronulla is now hurtling toward a lawsuit abyss final night stymied any clarity of clearance on Irvine’s behalf.

“I don’t see a $1 million excellent as being an emanate for a club,” Irvine said.

“From a really start, this conditions non-stop a intensity for authorised claims and that’s always been a biggest risk to a club.

“It’s roughly an unquantifiable risk if mixed players confirm to sue.

“I consider that would be a categorical courtesy of a stream house after these (provisional) findings.”



Two former players – Isaac Gordon and Josh Cordoba – have already hired a lawyer, James Chrara, with a vigilant to sue for damages.


Fox Sports NRL match Steve Hart discusses a sanctions handed down to Cronulla Sharks by a NRL.

Chrara final night suggested a NRL proclamation had given both players certainty their cases would succeed. The rough anticipating that players had not scrupulously consented to certain treatments, and been misled by Elkin about a addition program, support their imminent claims.

According to Chrara, Gordon – who suffered horrible bruising down a length of leg toward a finish of a 11-week addition procedure of peptide injections, creams and tablets – was gratified with yesterday’s outcome.

“I spoke to Isaac and he feels vindicated, that is illusory for him,” Chrara said.

“He feels like it’s a box of only desserts and is really speedy by a NRL’s (provisional) commentary and a gratification concerns that have been raised.”

The NRL was sardonic about a miss of safeguards for actor welfare, with Smith declaring: “We would courtesy such control as totally discordant to a game’s manners and a game’s values. We will not accept practices that put a game’s players during risk.


Former Cronulla manager Stuart Raper says a Sharks will tarry a sanctions handed to them by a NRL.

“Provisionally, we’ve got commentary of people injecting substances and we don’t know what they are. That goes to a heart of actor welfare.”

The NRL has purported that one of those needle-wielding people was Elkin, who shifted to Parramatta a year ago. Originally a plumber by trade, Elkin has no famous medical qualifications.

He has given oral to ASADA on countless occasions about substantiating a injecting procedure underneath a instruction of argumentative sports scientist Stephen Dank, and with a ‘hands-on’ assistance of addition salesman Darren ‘The Gazelle’ Hibbert.


Fox Sports commentator Matthew Johns believes Cronulla’s $1 million excellent could have been worse and allows a bar to sojourn in a Shire instead of relocating to Queensland or Perth.

Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) trainer David Garnsey final night branded a provisional commentary opposite Cronulla as “unacceptable”, claiming Sharks players were unprotected to vulnerable operative conditions.

“The commentary are shocking,” Garnsey said.

“They execute an practice sourroundings where a arrogant proceed was taken to a health and reserve of players and that is unacceptable.

“The examination has purported a litany of breaches and raises critical questions as to either players should be accountable for a failings of their employer.”

“We trust they should not.”


The Cronulla Sharks have been handed a provisional excellent of $1 million, while manager Shane Flanagan has been dangling for 12 months over a ASADA scandal.

Forced to mount down amid ire over a sackings in March, Irvine pronounced he’d given endured abuse, threats and was warned-off from attending Sharks games final season.

“We saw no need to demur on a recommendation we had,” Irvine said.

“The NRL has come adult with identical (provisional) commentary 9 months later, and I’m a small unhappy it’s taken so long.

“There’s clearance we got a routine right, though no fun for anyone.

“I’ve always been unhappy on interest of a members and fans, though a many critical thing was to residence a problems we had as shortly as we became wakeful of them.”


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