Epic destroy alert: Travel organisation sends integrate to wrong country

The Kelham's landed during San Jose, California ... roughly 2500 kilometres divided from San Jose, Mexico. Picture: Flic...

The Kelham’s landed during San Jose, California … roughly 2500 kilometres divided from San Jose, Mexico. Picture: Flickr kasra afzali
Source: NewsComAu

WHAT do we do when we land during a wrong airport? This was a genuine doubt UK integrate Andrew and Julie Kelham had to ask on alighting during San Jose in California after 20 hours of travelling.

The integrate were really vehement about visiting their 21-year-old daughter, Frankie, who had been operative in San Jose, Mexico for 8 months. They split out over $5500 for a 14-day trip.

Booking their transport arrangements by transport organisation Thomas Cook in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, they jetted off expecting an romantic reunion with their daughter – and a well-deserved family break.

However, instead of alighting in San Jose, Mexico as anticipated, a sleepy integrate landed in San Jose … in California … roughly 2500 kilometres away.

It incited out they had been sent to a wrong city.

Upon alighting they searched for their daughter, usually realising they were in a wrong nation when she called them after not being means to find them during arrivals.

Their initial moody from Manchester to Chicago was correct, though a joining moody from Chicago took them to California instead of Baja California Sur in a Mexican peninsula. The span were requisitioned into stay during a Royal Solaris Hotel in San Jose Los Cabos, in a Mexican peninsula of Baja California Sur.

Mrs Kelham, 51, told
The Sun
: ‘She was great her eyes out. We couldn’t take it in.’

After spending an worried night during a wrong airport, a Kelham’s paid tighten to $1500 to fly to Mexico a subsequent day where they were eventually reunited with their daughter. And nonetheless a span were reimbursed, they still mislaid profitable time they had designed to spend with their daughter.

Mr Kelham, 50, said: ‘It was a nightmare. We missed dual days with a daughter.’

A mouthpiece for a agents engagement arm Netflights said: ‘We know how critical holidays are for a business and essay to accommodate and mostly surpass their expectations. The form of occurrence gifted by Mr and Mrs Kelham is intensely rare, and we would like to again apologize to a integrate for any nuisance caused. We’ve oral to a integrate given their lapse and have given resolved this matter to their satisfaction.’


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