Dyson unveils ‘quieter’ £299 hairdryer

Media captionSupersonic is a initial hairdryer assembled by Dyson

Dyson has suggested a initial personal caring product – a hairdryer that it says is quieter and reduction deleterious to hair than a required machine.

It is a initial hairdryer powered by a miniaturised atmosphere siphon in a handle, regulating a same airflow beliefs as Dyson’s table fan products.

The association pronounced it had invested £50m in a growth of a device.

However, a £299 cost tab creates it during slightest twice as costly as salon-grade dryers done by opposition manufacturers.

“People do spend a lot of income to take caring of their hair,” pronounced Thidathip Tawichai, researcher during Euromonitor International.

“People in grown markets customarily demeanour after their personal caring some-more and buy some-more costly products.

“But £300 is unequivocally costly and a lot to deposit in a hairdryer. People like to follow fashions and spend a small income perplexing opposite things,” she told a BBC.

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Sir James Dyson’s association sole £1.7bn value of products in 2015.

Dyson is best famous for a bagless opening cleaners and high-speed palm dryers, nonetheless it says it has a serve 40 products in development.

The company’s owner Sir James Dyson pronounced building a hairdryer was an “obvious” choice.

“There usually happens to be a outrageous margin in airflow,” he told a BBC.

“We make unequivocally high-speed motors… so it’s rather apparent that we would lift on and use that in all concerned in airflow.”

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Dyson has assembled a hair investigate laboratory in Malmesbury, UK

The association pronounced it had spent £50m questioning a “limitations” of required hairdryers. The biggest problem, according to Sir James, was that styling attachments and a dryer’s vicinity to hair slowed airflow and led to hair being overheated.

“If we overheat a hair, we get H2O froth in a cortex bursting and blustering holes in a fibres, that gives we a lifeless demeanour and shop-worn hair,” he told a BBC.

Defending a cost of a hairdryer, that will cost some-more than some of a firm’s latest opening cleaners, Sir James said: “We all spend 20-30 mins each day doing a hair, so we use it an awful lot.

“Not deleterious your hair, that’s value a lot of money.”

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Dyson engineers assembled hundreds of prototypes

Personal caring researcher Roshida Khanom of Mintel pronounced women in sold had started looking for products that were kinder to their hair.

“We found a high suit of women are tying their use of feverishness appliances and 20% had bought appliances that explain to be reduction damaging, so there’s unequivocally a marketplace for products that don’t repairs hair,” she told a BBC.

While Dyson’s hairdryer will be marketed during consumers as good as haircare professionals, Sir James pronounced it was some-more critical to prove business than to interest to a far-reaching audience.

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Dyson’s hairdryer will be marketed during consumers

“It’s not so most how many we sell that’s important, it’s either people who buy it like it,” he told a BBC.

“I don’t mind if we usually sell 100 a year, as prolonged as those 100 people consider it’s unequivocally good. we wouldn’t make most income though that’s not always a point. That’s not what drives us, that’s not what creates it exciting.”

The new hairdryer will initial go on sale in Japan, where Dyson says 96% of people possess a hairdryer.

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