Drunk flyer no compare for hockey team

Justice Hockey Canada

A dipsomaniac newcomer who attempted to charge a cockpit and bizarre a moody attendant was stopped by members of a Justice Hockey Canada team, whose 17 members happened to be onboard. Picture: Facebook
Source: Facebook

A DRUNKEN newcomer who attempted to charge a cockpit in a fit of aeroplane fury was taken down by a hockey group of 17 off-duty military officers who happened to be on a flight.

Henryk Glowala flew into a fury and attempted to charge a cockpit and suppress a moody organisation of a LOT Polish Airlines from Warsaw to Toronto progressing this month, a National Post reports.

However, a aroused newcomer was captivated by a patrol of off-duty Ontario cops who tackled him. The 17 military officers were members of a Justice Hockey Canada team, who were returning from a military championship eventuality in Europe.

The mid-air play began when Glowala flew off a hoop after moody organisation refused to offer him some-more alcohol. He battered on a doorway of a cockpit, afterwards assaulted a womanlike moody organisation who attempted to ease him. He afterwards ran to a behind of a craft and began choking another moody attendant with his belt.

The shocked moody organisation didn’t know a military hockey group was on board, though approached one of a members, goalie and investigator deputy Kyle Talsma for assistance since he was a many physically intimidating chairman on board.

“Myself and a male sitting beside me, we done a approach to a behind and saw a male with his belt around a steward’s throat perplexing to throttle him,” Mr Talsma told a National Post.

“At that indicate we took earthy control of him,” he said. “We had to flattering most say earthy control of him for a final three-and-a-half hours of a flight.”

The belligerant male would ease down for a few minutes, afterwards raze in a new tirade, lashing out during officers and passengers.

“In a final hour…he got unequivocally worked up. Lots of threats, perplexing to headbutt officers, punch officers, yelling and screaming during people flitting – only unpleasant,” pronounced Mr Talsma. “He was distracted and screaming, melancholy to strike guys, he was out of control.”

The officers’ actions helped a commander equivocate an puncture alighting to mislay a dipsomaniac passenger, a beholden organisation said.

Glowala was arrested on landing, and has been charged with mixed depends of attack and with endangering a reserve of an aircraft.


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