Director takes $25K, gives it away

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Casey Neistat

Charity… Filmmaker Casey Neistat took income that was to be spent on a promotional video and spent it on victims of Typhoon Haiyan.
Source: YouTube

A DIRECTOR was offering $US25,000 to film a promotional video for a new movie. He took a money, though spent it on victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

Just days after a gale strike a Philippines, Casey Neistat perceived a offer to fire a promo for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in that he was asked to live out his dreams. To that Neistat responded: “Here’s my concept. Give me a budget, I’ll go to a Philippines and spend each penny assisting people in need.” The 20th Century Fox film studio concluded to his concept, and 3 days after he left for a Philippines with his crony Oscar.

In another instance of munificence trumping greed, a male who won a $42 million in a lottery says he’s giving each cent of it divided to charity. “The income is all going to charity,” Tom Crist said. “I am happy we won given we can present a lot of income to charity. Personally a income is going to do 0 for me.” Mr Crist pronounced he would give most of a income to cancer charities, after his mother Jan died of a illness dual years ago.

Lotto leader Tom Crist

Candian Lottery leader Tom Crist is giving divided his whole $C40 million win to charity. Picture: Western Canadian Lottery Corporation
Source: Supplied

Meanwhile, a Pope has distinguished his 77th birthday by carrying 4 homeless group – including one who brought his dog with him – over to a Vatican for breakfast.

Pope Francis

Birthday surprise… Pope Francis (R) vocalization with Monsignor Konrad Krajewski (2nL) and 3 homeless group invited to a Vatican for a Pope’s birthday.
Source: AFP

– Amanda Knox has taken a surprising step of emailing an Italian justice to contend she was trusting of her roommate’s heartless murder.
– Preacher Harold Camping, who used his devout radio network and thousands of billboards to promote a finish of a world, has died during age 92.
– Three group have been condemned to 20 years in jail for a gang-rape of a US traveller who was pounded in a foothills of a Himalayas.
– A zookeeper has been mauled to genocide by a tiger, with colleagues observant a male entered a tiger enclosing and was not seen again.
– A transport commuter is confronting a awaiting of 5 years in jail and a punishment for wielding a sword on a sight while dressed as a samurai.

Harold Camping

Doomsday preacher… Harold Camping’s radio method spent millions of dollars presaging a burning canon that unsuccessful to materialise.
Source: AP

– Three of a world’s 4 fastest-rising hunt requests on Google this year were triggered by a deaths of famous men.
– Small dogs are some-more expected to be assertive and disposed to mountain people in what researchers trust is an homogeneous to brief male syndrome.
– It has been station for thousands of years, though Britain’s ancient Stonehenge relic has been given a complicated makeover.
– Australian geologists have non-stop adult a tantalising though argumentative awaiting that Antarctica could be abounding in diamonds.
– A member of a House of Lords has shielded “clocking in” for reduction than 40 mins to get his assemblage allowance, observant everybody does it.
– Prostitutes have demanded a same retirement taxation perks as veteran footballers given they also do “difficult earthy work”

Small dog

What are we looking at?… Regardless of breed, a smaller a dog is, a some-more expected it is to be unruly, aggressive, loud and disposed to “humping”, according to a investigate by a University of Sydney. Picture: Lea Tracee
Source: News Limited

– Nirvana, Kiss and Peter Gabriel will be inducted into a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame subsequent year, though rappers N.W.A. unsuccessful to make a cut.
– Nigella Lawson’s former personal partner “frequently” found rolled-up banknotes with white powder on them in her handbag, she has told a court.
– There will be a new book in The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo trilogy, with an an author hired to write a supplement to a array by a late Stieg Larsson
– In Catch-up Confidential, Colin Farrell says his loyalty with Elizabeth Taylor was his final “romantic relationship”

Kurt Cobain

Posthumous honour… Grunge rocker Kurt Cobain who was a frontman for Nirvana died in 1994 during age 27 from self-inflicted gun shot wounds. Picture: AP Photo/Robert Sorbo
Source: AP

– The former mother of Beatles star Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, has unsuccessful in her bid to contest during a Winter Paralympic Games.
– The FA has forked a finger during Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere and charged him for creation an violent gesticulate toward Manchester City fans.
– Andy Murray will play his initial rival tennis compare given Sep opposite Jo-Wilfried Tsonga during an muster contest in Abu Dhabi subsequent week
– Former Tottenham manager Glenn Hoddle is pronounced to be meddlesome in returning to a bar to attain a sacked Andre Villas-Boas.
– Despite a latest death, World Cup organisers insist they aren’t sacrificing workman reserve in a rush to get venues prepared for subsequent year’s contest in Brazil.

Heather Mills

Piste off… Heather Mills has cold from an try to attend during subsequent year’s Winter Paralympic Games. Picture: AFP
Source: AFP


A Boston Marathon bombing plant who suffered serious browns has spin intent to a helper he met while in hospital. James Costello was with friends nearby a Boston Marathon finish line when a bombs went off, withdrawal him so badly burnt he compulsory pig skin grafts on his arm and leg.

“A few days after we saw a helper in passing, this would spin out to be Krista, who had common a few mutual friends, though we had never crossed paths before,” Mr Costello wrote on Facebook. “After pity a handful of conversations we realised not usually how pleasing she was though also what a kind heart she had. we somehow assured her to attend a advantage with me, that incited into a few dates, that incited into a few inseparable months.”

James Costello and Krista D'Agostino

James Costello and Krista D’Agostino. FAcebook
Source: Facebook



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