Depraved clan’s disorderly family tree

Depraved clan's disorderly famil...

The children would come in to city customarily a integrate of times a year and looked “dirty”, locals say. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

ON A severe retard of dumpy dark in a hills above a still NSW nation town, a Colt family had a terrible secret.

Living in a quarrel of rickety tents and sheds that had no showers, toilets or using H2O were 40 adults and children. But a Colts kept to themselves.

Neighbours on one of a vast properties or hobby farms spasmodic listened a chainsaw, though no delight or play.

The organisation spasmodic sole firewood and dual of a adult organisation worked as legislature labourers.

Occasionally, a womenfolk would come into city in a four-wheel drive.

Out would raise a unwashed unit of ragtag children, some of them rail thin, wearing unwashed clothes.

The city people didn’t even know their names.

Occasionally, when a gratification officers came visiting, a children would be forced to attend a few days of school, where they indispensable calming teaching.

It wasn’t until a patrol of military and child insurance officers arrived unannounced on a skill one day in early Jun final year, that a intolerable law about a Colts would be revealed.

Police and gratification officers were repelled by a abominable filth and plunge on a skill where children were found to ...

Police and gratification officers were repelled by a abominable filth and plunge on a skill where children were found to be a outcome of incestuous relationships. Picture: Stock photo
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Not customarily were a Colt family closely associated by generations of incest. In fear of find a abominable contribution about their family, a Colts had fled 3 other Australian states before entrance to rest in farming NSW.

And it was here that 4 generations of interbreeding exploded into a life of depravity.

Under a eye of a family matriarch, Betty Colt, who slept in a marital bed with her brother, a children copulated with any other and with adults.

Years of interrelations had resulted in some of a children little and intellectually impaired. Many of them could not pronounce intelligibly.

They were profoundly neglected, to a indicate they didn’t know how to showering or use toilet paper, and were lonesome in sores and racked with disease.

Left to their possess devices, brothers with sisters, uncles with nieces, fathers with daughters, they intent in passionate activities.

Ten of a children had relatives who were substantially father and daughter or hermit and sister. Stock print Source: Supplied

Ten of a children had relatives who were substantially father and daughter or hermit and sister. Stock print Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

The children also lame a genitals of animals.

When a girls became pregnant, they would mostly simply cancel on a farm, not wanting to awaken suspicions among doctors or health professionals.

While a Colt women explain outsiders had fathered their children – derelict men, a wheat worker, a Swedish backpacker – scholarship told otherwise.

When they finally managed to get exam swabs into a laboratory, geneticists unclosed a family tree that was a calamity of “homozygosity”, when a child’s relatives are closely related.

Eight of a Colt children have relatives who were possibly hermit and sister, mom and son or father and daughter.

A serve 6 have relatives who were possibly aunt and nephew, uncle and niece, half siblings or grandparents and grandchild.

Interviews with a Colts suggested a family tale began behind in New Zealand, in a initial half of final century when Jun Colt was innate to relatives who were hermit and sister.

June married Tim and in a 1970s a integrate emigrated to Australia.

The family would afterwards move, several times, between South Australia, Western Australia, and Victoria, customarily vital in remote farming communities, shying divided from open believe about a truth.

Tim and Jun gave birth to 4 daughters and dual sons.

Three of a daughters – Rhonda, 47, Betty, 46, and Martha, 33, and during slightest one of a sons, Charlie, form a elder members of a family organisation in a NSW brush camp.

Betty had 13 children.

She contended their father was a male called Phil Walton, now dead, who was famous to a family as Tim.

But genetics uncover one of her children, Bobby, 15, was fathered possibly by her father, whose name was Tim, or a hermit she was sleeping with.

Four some-more of Betty’s children were fathered by a tighten family member.

Betty’s eldest child, Raylene, now aged 30, has a 13-year-old daughter, Kimberly.

Raylene insists Kimberly’s father is a male called Sven, from Sweden or Switzerland.

Testing identifies Kimberly’s father as possibly her half brother, an uncle or a grandfather.

Graphic family tree

The Colt family tree. Graphic:
Source: NewsComAu

Betty’s second oldest child, Tammy, now aged 27, has given birth to 3 daughters, one of whom died from a singular genetic disorder, and all of whom, she eventually admitted, were fathered by her closest brother, Derek, 25.

Betty’s younger sister, Martha Colt, 33, has 5 children, 4 of whom were fathered by her possess father, Tim, or by her brother, and another who is a product of a kinship with a tighten relation.

It was a 10 youngest of Betty and Martha’s children, and Raylene’s daughter, Kimberly, 13, who ran furious in a passionate debauch about a property.

Betty’s children, Bobby, 15, Billy, 14, Brian, 12, Dwayne, 9, and Carmen, 8, all have relatives who are tighten family members.

Martha’s children, Albert, 15, Jed, 14, Ruth, 9, and Nadia, 7, are also a product of closely-related parents.

Interviewed by child insurance workers and psychologists, they told of a practical passionate free-for-all.

Ruth and Nadia pronounced Albert, Jed and Karl showed them racy magazines, overwhelmed their breasts and Albert had passionate retort with them.

Kimberly pronounced she had verbal sex with Dwayne, while Carmen watched. Her mom Raylene had been wakeful of a incident.

Albert, Jed, Karl, Bobby and Billy certified they tortured animals, including puppies and cats. Carmen pronounced her father was her uncle Charlie.

Ruth pronounced her father was Charlie. She also pronounced her brothers, Jed and Karl, had sex with her.

Following a find of a Colt family in a hills, 12 children have been private from their parents.

Their mothers have hired lawyers to disagree in a courts for a children’s return.

One of a mothers is due to face justice on charges of procuring a dismissal of a child from caring and recruiting a child for a crime, and serve charges are expected.



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