‘Defecating’ Virgin Mary sparks anger


Ceramic figurines of a Black Virgin of Montserrat called “Caganers” during their display in Torroella de Montgri, nearby Gerona. The Christmas figurines of a Virgin of Montserrat defecating have lifted debate in a segment of Catalonia, northeastern Spain, where a eremite entity has threatened to sue a manufacturer.
Source: AFP

SPANISH Roman Catholics have cursed as “grotesque” figurines of a worshiped Virgin Mary decorated in a act of defecating.

The northeastern segment of Catalonia has a tradition of producing “caganer” statuettes, that etch bare-bottomed celebrities defecating.

The ceramic figurines have been sole in Catalonia given a 18th century to be placed in Christmas reproduction scenes for good luck.

But some Roman Catholics were angry by one of this year’s subjects: a Virgin of Montserrat, a black statue of a Virgin Mary and tot Christ.

Believed to date behind during slightest to a Middle Ages, a Madonna stands in a Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey, nearby Barcelona.

It is one of Catalonia’s emblematic eremite icons, popularly famous as “La Morenita” (The Little Dark One) since of a colour.

“Using a picture of a Virgin of Montserrat for this unusual figurine seems to us a pointer of insensitivity and miss of honour to many people who could feel their beliefs are hurt,” a abbey’s prior, Ignassi Fossas, wrote in a letter.

A Roman Catholic association, “e-Cristianos”, pronounced it designed to sue a manufacturer for “attacking a honour and grace of eremite symbols”.

Leading “caganer” builder Alos y Pla, that done a figurine, pronounced it did not intend to provoke anyone.

“We did it with good intentions and love for this figurine, that is so Catalan,” pronounced one of a family firm’s members, Marc Alos.

“We are a family organisation of 3 people. A authorised fit is too most for us,” he said, adding that a conditions was rare for a company.

The firm, that in prior years has decorated US President Barack Obama, Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi and a Rolling Stones’ thespian Mick Jagger, combined new characters to a choice this year, including a Virgin of Montserrat, and Pope Francis.


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