Dark secrets we didn’t know about your teacher

There’s a lot some-more to teachers than we indeed think. Pictured, Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher. Picture: Columbia Pictures.

TEACHERS have unprotected their darkest secrets, revelation tales of what unequivocally happens behind staffroom doors.

Educators have taken to Reddit to uncover they aren’t only people spooky with Shakespeare and maths who take pleasure in yelling during kids — they indeed have normal lives.

In a inlet of a staffroom, teachers will share stories of their naughtiest students and even try to trade them off like ball cards.

“Sometimes we trade kids since we don’t like to understanding with their parents,” one clergyman admitted.

Teachers also confessed to going to a frame bar after supervising a propagandize dance.

There was a organisation of both masculine and females from amicable studies, English and maths departments, who attended a venue famous for a “eclectic” strippers.

So only how good do we unequivocally know your teacher?


It’s that time of year when reports are sent home and we only can’t wait to review intense statements about your child.

However, what a clergyman says competence indeed be a delicately assembled criticism and not unequivocally paint how they indeed feel.

One clergyman pronounced being tactful was a loyal art since of march they can’t contend “your child is irritating and has done my year hell”.

A clergyman has indeed given an instance of what they would write on a report, along with a translation.

Report: “Cody has been a pleasure to have in class. He has been fervent to share his trust with classmates and enjoys holding a care role.”

Translation: “Cody is an a**hole. He spent a year spewing stupidity and we are all significantly dumber since of it. The dumbest of his classmates trust he is a God.”

Teachers also certified when they contend “needs to work on” they meant “can’t do that for s***”.

Teachers dont demur to speak to any other about their disobedient students. Source: iStock

Teachers don’t demur to speak to any other about their disobedient students. Source: iStockSource:istock


They are customarily a ones who mount during a front of a examination room and ceaselessly roar out a time to remind we that a time is ticking closer and closer to “pens down” time.

You’re sweating over tough questions, silently impiety your clergyman for creation we answer them.

But it turns out, teachers indeed hatred exams and stereotyped testing.

“Why would we hatred stereotyped testing? It is fun,” a clergyman pronounced sarcastically.

“I suffer sitting there for dual hours (for any class) examination we take a 50 doubt mixed choice exam used to establish if we schooled anything all year, notwithstanding carrying a month of propagandize left.

“Sally is unhappy since her beloved only pennyless adult with her. John can’t concentration since he hasn’t eaten anything all day. Robert came home late from his pursuit final night and can hardly stay watchful and Luke is high, again.”

The clergyman pronounced observant they “hated” exams was an understatement, they disgust them.

Teachers hatred exams as most as we do. Source: iStock

Teachers hatred exams as most as we do. Source: iStockSource:istock


Think your teachers are preoccupied to a fact you’re indeed removing a toilet pass to go and bus your beloved during a bottom of a stairs?

Turns out they aren’t reticent and know who you’re dating and what you’re doing.

“Most kids aren’t wakeful of this yet we have prolonged and minute discussions about any and any one of them,” a clergyman said.

“If you’re a student, you’d be vacant to eavesdrop on a talks about you. we gamble you’d work like crazy if we knew what a teachers were observant about we to any other.

“We’re sworn to privacy about any and everybody so zero leaves a building though.”

Teachers acknowledge they assume about who is dating who, all a attribute play and who competence be profound by a finish of a year.

Teachers indeed overhear a lot some-more than we would think.

Teachers flattering most know everything. Source: Supplied

Teachers flattering most know everything. Source: SuppliedSource:Supplied


There should be a “warning: unfortunate content” on this indicate since nobody wants to consider of their teachers vouchsafing lax and carrying “relations”, yet apparently that’s accurately what happens.

“The kids expostulate us to splash and a celebration drives us to f*** any other,” a clergyman pronounced to a friend.

“It is extraordinary there aren’t some-more profound teachers using around.”

A clergyman who described himself as “average looking” pronounced when he announced he got a position during a new propagandize in a opposite partial of a country, women from a propagandize where he worked and from schools in a same district begged to take him out for a drink.

“This customarily led to them revelation me how appealing they suspicion we was and how they ‘often wondered if things would be opposite if we wasn’t moving’.

“But yeah, teachers splash like monsters.”

Surprisingly, teachers adore to let their hair down. Source: iStock

Surprisingly, teachers adore to let their hair down. Source: iStockSource:istock

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