Couple’s record-breaking highway trip

Greg Cayea and Heather Thompson gathering 47,500km in 103 days.

ALL IT took was 47,500km, 103 days and 39 states.

American integrate Greg Cayea and Heather Thompson have damaged a universe record for a longest highway outing in one country, reports Travel + Leisure.

They simply surpassed a prior record of 36,058km set in India in April.

Cayea and Thompson started their outing in Arizona on Sep 20 and have given trafficked to 22 inhabitant parks, interlude in some of their favourites including Yellowstone, Zion National Park and Crater Lake National Park. They’ve also found astonishing traveller attractions, trimming from outside animal safaris in South Dakota to a spook city in Idaho.

To grasp their idea of pushing by a 48 constant states (that’s any American state solely Hawaii and Alaska), a twin set a array of rules: no round-trips and no backtracking some-more than 10 per cent of a sum mileage.

They also betrothed to record any stop, keep a record book along a trip, record during slightest 10 mins of video footage of a outing any day and not cranky any nation borders.

They also available themselves to take dual weeks of resting time. In total, they’ve spent around 35 days of their outing so distant on stops.

But where do a sleep? The infancy of a journey, a integrate sleeps in their 2008 Subaru Outback. They told Travel + Leisure that any night they ready their mattress and locate adult on their favourite Netflix shows before retiring.

Next up, Cayea and Thompson will conduct to New York’s Hudson Valley. They design to keep travelling until mid-November.

This essay creatively seemed on Fox News and was reproduced with permission.

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