Brics ‘grew some-more than we thought’, says Jim O’Neill

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The Brics nations, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, will reason their seventh annual assembly this weekend in a Indian state of Goa.

They would not be doing it if it wasn’t for a former Goldman Sachs economist, Jim – now Lord – O’Neill.

He coined a tenure 15 years ago as a selling apparatus for investors looking for some-more brave expansion prospects.

Lord O’Neill has told a BBC a organisation have achieved improved than even he had thought.

“The Brics countries collectively are bigger currently even in a many confident unfolding we suspicion 15 years ago, and it’s essentially given of China.”

He says this notwithstanding new diseased performances from Russia and Brazil, whose economies were a many reliant on commodity prices.

“Despite a problems Brazil and Russia face – and they’re vast – in a initial decade of Brics they all grew approach some-more strongly than we thought.”


The countries were picked as they are all heading building or newly industrialized countries, with intensity for quick expansion and therefore investment returns.

South Africa was not one of a strange 4 he was looking at. The others asked that nation to join them during a meetings they began holding in a late 2000s.

They enclose half a world’s race and paint between 20-25% of universe sum domestic product.

He was warned after he came adult with a acronym in 2001 that including Brazil and Russia in a list was risky, given notoriously flighty prices for a oil, metals and minerals from that they get a vast source of income done them an easy warrant to fortune.

Lord O’Neill said: “I have occasionally, when pushed, joked that a organisation should have been called ‘Ics’!

“Brazil and Russia have been unequivocally unsatisfactory and some people in a beginning days pronounced these countries would be found out when commodity prices fell neatly and on one turn that of march has happened.”


Brazil and Russia are both in recession, Brazil on some depends is pang a misfortune downturn given a 1930s.

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Jim – Lord – O’Neill

But Lord O’Neill pronounced there had been a really clever liberation in a Brazilian real: “If we demeanour during financial markets a Brazilian financial marketplace is a tip behaving marketplace in a world.

“I consider a Brazilian genuine has substantially risen 50% opposite a pound, so we wish we would have put some income into Brazilian genuine given I’d be some-more happy about Brazil than many people we see essay about it.”

Listen to Jim O’Neill on a BBC World Service’s Business Daily programme

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