Brexit: Cameron deliberate last-ditch interest to Merkel

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David Cameron done a late interest to Germany’s Angela Merkel for boundary on giveaway transformation of people if a UK voted Remain, BBC Newsnight has learned.

The then-prime apportion called a German personality days before a EU referendum, as opinion polls seemed to uncover electorate relocating to a Leave camp.

But he after deserted a thought of removing her and other EU leaders to make a matter extenuation concessions.

No 10 motionless it could be portrayed by Vote Leave as a pointer of weakness.

Newsnight has schooled that Mr Cameron telephoned a German chancellor to ask either she would be peaceful to emanate a matter with associate EU leaders extenuation a UK concessions on giveaway movement.

Under a plan, thrashed out during a assembly in Downing Street, a boss of France Francois Hollande, a European Council boss Donald Tusk and a European Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker would all put their names to a corner matter by EU leaders.

The former primary apportion approached his German reflection after Vote Leave had dominated a discuss in a arise of a announcement central emigration statistics during a finish of May. These showed a supervision had once again unsuccessful to accommodate a net emigration target.

The thought of a corner matter by EU leaders was eventually shelved.

Newsnight understands that during an EU limit after a EU referendum a German chancellor done transparent to Mr Cameron that there could be no concede for EU members on manners ruling a giveaway transformation of people.

‘Vital issue’

The interest by Mr Cameron to Mrs Merkel followed a contention among comparison Downing Street aides who pronounced that a primary apportion should reprise a success of “the Vow” in a Scottish autonomy referendum.

Media captionWe had to “humanely” proviso out a £4,300 figure, says Lord Cooper

Mr Cameron and a other categorical Westminster parties had changed to seaside adult a pro-UK opinion in a final stages of that discuss in 2014 by pledging to devolve serve powers to a Scottish parliament.

The pierce deliberate by a primary minister, suggested by Newsnight in an review into a EU referendum campaign, shows that Downing Street came tighten to ripping adult a pivotal component of a plan in a final stages.

This was to concentration on a mercantile risks of Brexit and to equivocate deliberating immigration on a drift that Vote Leave would always contend that a UK could never control a borders while it remained a member of a EU.

In a finish Downing Street confirmed a concentration of a discuss on a economy. Lord Cooper of Windrush, a Conservative counterpart who was a categorical pollster for a Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, told Newsnight that a pro-EU side’s disaster to residence concerns about immigration had been a weakness.

He said: “The people who are very, unequivocally endangered about immigration, what they wanted was quite and simply for a UK to be means to have sum control of a borders and sum control of a upsurge of people into this country. And we didn’t have an evidence that could remotely contest with that.

“It meant we couldn’t unequivocally rivet in a discuss on that critical issue. We didn’t have many choice though to keep perplexing to concentration behind to a mercantile risks.”

One Downing Street source told Newsnight: “Fundamentally a doubt was put to a British open – would we be peaceful to be a small bit poorer to get control of immigration? We staked a chips on everybody going, ‘Well, we don’t wish to be poorer.’ They staked their chips on everybody going, ‘I wish to control immigration,’ and they won.”

Lord Cooper also told Newsnight that a pro-EU side was forced into “humanely” phasing out a explain by George Osborne that a British exit from a EU would cost a normal domicile £4,300 since electorate did not trust it.

Media captionVote Leave’s Matthew Elliott on a campaign’s “genius moment”

Lord Cooper said: “The problem with that figure – a £4,300 – was firstly it sounded implausibly vast to a ears of many people. Secondly it sounded strangely specific…The figure was arrange of humanely phased out since we found when we tested a greeting in concentration groups, we found people only deserted it. They didn’t trust it.”

Matthew Elliott, a arch executive of Vote Leave, pronounced he feared that a genocide of a Labour MP Jo Cox a week before polling day could have finished his campaign, when news pennyless shortly after a UKIP personality Nigel Farage had launched a argumentative print on immigration.

But Mr Elliott pronounced that a UKIP print had small impact on a Vote Leave discuss since he had distanced a central Leave discuss from UKIP.

Nicholas Watt was stating for Brexit Britain – a BBC Newsnight special one month on from a referendum result.

A day of contention and discuss is being held in partnership with Intelligence Squared during a Royal Geographical Society in London, from 13:00 BST on Saturday 23 July, followed by a special programme on BBC Two during 18:00 BST and afterwards on iPlayer.

The hashtag for a eventuality is #BrexitBritain.

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