Bird warns SBW: it’s no binds barred

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Kangaroos column Matt Scott says Australia are fresh themselves for a earthy New Zealand approach, that will pull a authorised bounds in Sunday morning’s World Cup final.

Greg Bird is prepared for a earthy conflict opposite SBW.

Greg Bird is prepared for a earthy conflict opposite SBW.
Source: News Limited

Kangaroos enforcer Greg Bird has illuminated a compound for what promises to be another bomb showdown with Kiwis’ luminary Sonny Bill Williams in this weekend’s World Cup final.

Bird and Williams have been literally butting heads for years and in their final confront there was speak it roughly reached flashpoint in a hovel during halftime when a Roosters were personification a Titans.

Williams was clearly undone on a margin that day with a Titans handing a Roosters what incited out to be their final better before they went on to win a NRL grand final.

Asked if he expects a adversary to continue in Manchester, as common Bird didn’t take a behind step: “You have to make it personal.

“I am not out there to make friends with people. we am going out there to win a football game.

Ahead of Sunday morning’s World Cup Final during Old Trafford between Australia and New Zealand, we take a demeanour behind during a adversary that stretches over a hundred years.

“You travel off a margin and we shake hands and have a discuss and have a drink or coffee and do whatever we do yet while we are out there it is no binds barred.

“You have got to give all you’ve got.

“I adore a challenge, we like entrance adult opposite a bigger players.

“Sonny has played opposite me a few times now so he is going to know what is in front of him only like we know what is entrance during me.

“It is going to be an aggressive, earthy conflict I’m sure.”

The story between these dual goes behind to before Williams went to rugby kinship and was still personification during a Bulldogs and Bird was during a Sharks.

There was a famous impulse in 2008 when Bird had Williams wound adult and prepared to go as a hulk back-rower attempted to pull his face into Bird.

Reminded of that occurrence yesterday, Bird laughed: “I consider a tip of my conduct was touching his chin.

 Greg Bird and Sonny Bill Williams come face to face.

Greg Bird and Sonny Bill Williams come face to face.
Source: News Limited

“We’ve had a few battles and I’d like to consider there is a mutual respect.

“I honour him for what he has achieved and how good a actor he is yet during a same time we wish to plea myself opposite his prominence in a diversion and make him acquire it.”

And that is accurately because Bird is recognized as one of a best large diversion players in rugby league.

Every time he runs onto a margin for NSW and Australia he is tighten to a best brazen on a park and in this star-studded Australian patrol he continues to reason his place even yet he is one of a smallest back-rowers in a complicated game.

At 102kg, Bird gives divided 6kg in weight to Williams and 11cm in height.

But we can gamble that’s all he will give divided when he runs out to confront a male many rate a best brazen in a game.


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